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How to Make Travel Memories Last

How to Make Travel Memories Last
27 August 2020 James Brooke

One of the best parts of travelling is the memories made along the way. Unforgettable moments can impact our lives for years to come and travel can be a totally transformative experience.

Preserving travel memories to look back on can be just as important as the trip itself; a time to reflect on experiences, milestones, achievements and a reminder of happy times.

Candace Kellough, co-founder of the original travel bracelet brand, El Camino, says: “There are several creative ways to make travel memories last. Even if you’re not able to travel this year, you can still re-connect with the joy of travel and past experiences long after the trip itself has finished.

“So many positives can come from travel: increased self-confidence, learning to adapt to new situations, meeting new people and cultivating life-long friendships as well as experiencing new cultures. This handy guide will help preserve those special memories and help inspire future adventures when it’s possible to do so again.

“It’s not just about taking photos and videos on our phones either, it’s about getting creative and using lots of resources to capture travel memories forever.”

Create a travel video

Recording videos on our phones is easy, but don’t let these go to waste, share them with the world. Why not create mini videos or a highlights reel of different travels for your social media accounts? A little creative editing means you can easily put different video snippets together. Magisto and Hyperlapse are two useful video editing tools that you can use from your phone. Documenting travel through videos is a great way to re-live the best moments.

Create a travel scrapbook

Making a travel scrapbook is the ideal rainy-day activity. Print out your favourite travel snaps and collect any tickets, brochures, receipts, hotel cards and postcards to add in as well. A scrapbook with stylish background pages will really bring the book to life too. Get creative and use other crafting materials to make a beautiful memento you’ll be proud to look at.

Meaningful travel jewellery

‘Tourist tat’ is best avoided while on holiday, after all, do you really need an ‘I heart NYC’ fridge magnet or snow globe of Budapest? Miniature tourist attractions can often look more tacky than tasteful.

But, choosing a memento that has meaning to you is a great way to remember a destination. A handmade, customisable travel necklace or bracelet is both beautiful and unique to you, and can be easily added to an outfit for a unique touch. Commemorate travel further by choosing engraved Steps including countries, islands, oceans, seas, landmarks and adventure ranges. You could even choose a fully customised Step with a word of your choice to signify important moments and memories.

Create a travel photo wall

A gallery wall of your top travel photos can create a unique design feature in your home. Choose high quality print options (or canvases) and ensure prints are framed for extra impact. Theming your travel wall helps to tie the look together and ensure it’s in keeping with the room’s décor to avoid any colour or pattern clashes.

Send travel postcards & letters

Making new friends while travelling is a joy. While our phones and social media are great ways to stay connected, swapping tech for an old-school postcard with a handwritten note is a meaningful way to preserve and celebrate travel memories, even years later.

Nothing says “I am thinking of you” quite like a postcard or letter. Although it can take more time to compose, it shows you really care and will make the receiver feel extra special. A travel postcard exchange is more personal than a hastily sent text or email, plus you can keep the postcards you receive in return to look back on.

Write a travel journal

Reading old travel diaries is a great way to remember memories made while travelling and transport yourself back to a destination.

Lots of people favour blogging to document their travels but putting pen to paper is a great way to slow down and meditatively record your thoughts. If you didn’t get a chance to keep a travel diary while on travels before, why not write down everything you can remember now? If you’re not sure where to start, try looking at photos of your trip to help jog your memory and the details will come flooding back to you once you start writing.

Be descriptive – how did you feel, who did you meet, what did you do, what could you hear – and don’t forget to include any travel romances! We may live in a digital age but going old school is a unique way to preserve your travel memories.

Get a travel tattoo

It’s not for the faint hearted, but the most permanent way to mark your travels is by getting a tattoo. Your tattoo should spark joy and take you back to a special moment every time you look at it, so take your time with the design, speak to professional tattoo artists, and consider getting a commissioned design for added peace of mind.

A tattoo is a serious commitment so if you’re unsure whether to go ahead, it’s best to focus on other, less permanent ways to celebrate travels.

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About El Camino
Founded in 2013 by travel duo and business partners, Candace Kellough and Tom Lane, El Camino is the original customisable travel bracelet brand.

Offering handcrafted travel bracelets, necklaces and accessories, along with handmade Steps (beads), customers can be assured of a personalised El Camino design unique to the wearer.

An El Camino is a reminder of the memories made during travelling and a curation of the places and countries visited. Step Collections include countries, islands, oceans, seas, landmarks and adventure ranges. Customers can also receive fully customised Steps with a word of their choice to signify important moments and memories.

The most recent launches and best-selling Steps include the Lockdown 2020 and Covid-19 Hero 2020, with 20% of all sales going to NHS charities.
The El Camino philosophy is simple: to continue making memories across the globe and sharing inspiration with other travellers.

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