New Tech Enables Musicians to Perform in Real Time Together Once Again, Remotely

New Tech Enables Musicians to Perform in Real Time Together Once Again, Remotely
13th August 2020 James Brooke

New Tech Enables Musicians to Perform in Real Time Together Once Again, Remotely

Real-time live music, high quality audio and video for a professional music experience launched by live streaming experts, Groovy Gecko.

Groovy Gecko has developed GG Sync Up, a high-quality solution for musicians to reunite, rehearsing and performing together while staying safe in their remote locations through the COVID-19 pandemic.

GG Sync Up utilises innovative software developed specifically for musicians to overcome the variable latency that has prevented them from being able to play or sing together in real time since lockdowns began across the world.

Formerly European Operations Manager at MTV Networks, Craig Moehl, Founder and Managing Director of Groovy Gecko felt compelled to develop a solution after a lifelong passion for the industry: “Like so many live music lovers, I was frustrated at not being able to attend live summer 2020 concerts, and struck by how lockdown was affecting the mental health of friends of mine in the music industry, who saw their entire calendar of events cancelled overnight. The plethora of existing online meeting solutions also failed to accommodate live music rehearsals and concerts because of the low latency, real-time feedback and audio quality required.”

Groovy Gecko’s research and development team has devised a low-latency software and services solution specifically for live music, that opens the door for music events to return to fans and communities around the world. Staff at Groovy Gecko who are also musicians were instrumental in designing and testing the service.

While plans are underway for record labels looking to pioneer the GG Sync Up technology in future events, Groovy Gecko also offers GG Play Together, an affordable option for bands to rehearse and perform non-professional concerts. An additional benefit of this service is that GG Play Together offers musicians the opportunity to play together with a calibre of artists they would never have otherwise been exposed to.

Moehl continued: “The GG Play Together service enables musicians to overcome the technical challenges of playing live remotely with both visuals and audio, so they can play with their peers again. While it won’t be the same high quality, professional experience of GG Sync Up, you’ll have serious fun either watching or taking part, and we could all do with some live music back in our lives.”

Groovy Gecko are sponsoring a series of six live fortnightly events called The Groovy Gecko Sessions, which use the same technology as GG Play Together. The sessions are produced by WorldJam, a community of talented musicians, artists and technologists, as well as a venue for a weekly showcase of talent from across the world.

The Groovy Gecko Sessions will be free to enjoy and streamed live exclusively on, a new online platform for creators and communities. Over 100 artists from WorldJam and The Floor are expected to participate, performing live remotely from Saturday 15th August 2020.


Bespoke software and service for professional musicians, including:

  • Real-time processing and production to the GG Hub, crucially controlling the variable latency per individual connection anywhere in the world, avoiding audio delays.
  • High quality visuals controlled remotely via high-end laptops and 4k webcams.
  • A main stage / single stream with Video Gallery View, Picture in Picture and other interactive features.
  • Supply of compatible audio interfaces for all musician equipment or integration with the musician’s own instruments and microphones.
  • Streamed live to the outlet of choice, such as Facebook, YouTube, the musician’s website or music community-centric platforms such as


Service utilising optimised and hosted versions of various readily available software for rehearsals and live music events, including:

  • Hosting rehearsal room software on a low-latency connection in the cloud.
  • Enabling musicians to download and integrate software into their existing audio interfaces.
  • Moderating sessions, moving talent between the ‘green room’, ‘rehearsal room’ and the ‘main stage’, for example.
  • Eliminating sync issues between audio and video for the stream.
  • Streamed live to the outlet of choice, such as Facebook, YouTube, the musician’s website or music community-centric platforms such as

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