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March Travel: Top Destinations from Dealchecker

March Travel: Top Destinations from Dealchecker
20 February 2020 Samantha Anderson

As we creep ever closer to spring, now is the ideal time to fill the diary with weekends away; whether they be food inspired or culturally led, there’s an event taking place every weekend across the globe, so which should you do (or book) in March?

Here, the travel experts at dealchecker have curated their top destinations to visit and events to enjoy, from vibrant powder paint celebrations in India, to beer festivals in Germany.

St Patrick’s Day, Dublin (13 – 17 March)

It’s the day when millions of pints of Guinness are guzzled all over the globe in celebration of Ireland’s patron saint, so where better to celebrate than the birthplace of the black stuff and the capital of the nation?

Dublin now holds a five-day festival that features a variety of cultural events, from supper clubs to exhibitions, plus the city will be illuminated with green lights. The event naturally revolves around drinking, a lot, so keep this in mind before you book any flights.

If it sounds up your street, then pack all the green clothing you own, make like a leprechaun, and get up to some mischief.

Return flights to Dublin from on 13 – 17 March: £32pp
Keukenhof, Netherlands (21 March – 10 May)

The Netherlands blossoms in springtime in all senses of the word. On March 21st, the Keukenhof flower gardens – nicknamed the Garden of Europe – open to the public in Lisse, near Amsterdam. Be astounded by the colours and patterns made up by the blooming bulbs, which include an abundance of the country’s symbolic tulip, of course.

Return flights to Amsterdam on 26 – 29 March from £64pp
Las Fallas, Valencia (15 – 19 March)

In Valencia, the arrival of spring is marked with a jubilant celebration, which stems from an ancient tradition where carpenters would burn wood to signal the change in seasons. Scraps of clothing were added, which gave the timber an almost human appearance.
These effigies have now developed into humorous and satirical figures that are paraded and then set alight in the streets. In addition to the grand, fiery finale, there are firework displays, flower offerings, and piles of paella.

Return flights to Valencia on 15 – 19 March from £87pp
Strong Beer Festival, Munich (13 March – 5 April)

Munich’s Strong Beer Festival is yet to attract the same masses as its famous big brother, Oktoberfest, making for a much more manageable crowd to enjoy the country’s greatest export and Bavarian culture.

The event celebrates starkbier, originally brewed by the Paulaner monks nearly 400 years ago to sustain them through the Lent fasting period – and is nicknamed ‘liquid bread’.

The ‘strong’ part of its name refers to its flavour as well as its hefty alcohol content: it has a full-bodied, malty taste with nutty, chocolatey notes. The perfect end-of-winter warmer.

Return flights to Munich on 13 – 17 March from £68pp
Holi, India (9 – 10 March)

Holi, the celebration of good triumphing over evil, takes place across India the day after the full moon in March and welcomes the spring season in the most vibrant of fashions.

Brightly-coloured powders are thrown around until everyone is covered from head to toe in either red, blue, yellow or green – each representing a different meaning of the Hindu holiday. This tradition of throwing powder is said to be rooted in a myth about the God Krishna, who confided in his mother about feeling jealous of his companion, Radha’s, pale complexion, in comparison to his own blue skin tone. His mother told him to paint Radha’s face any colour he liked.

The throwing of the colours is a wonderful reminder of equality and acceptance, and if you happen to be in India at this time, the experience will be sure to stay with you.

Where to Book Now: South Africa

Popular TV series and films have impacted tourism for years, just take Croatia’s tourism boom following Game of Thrones for one, but the most recent trend is South Africa, where this winter’s Love Island is based. It’s predicted that one in ten millennials are planning a trip there now, but be booking savvy; the best time to visit to see wildlife is from May to September, so now’s an excellent time to start looking ahead and bagging some bargain flights!

Return flights to Cape Town on 11 – 20 May from £587pp


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