How to be More Gen Z when Planning your Next Holiday

How to be More Gen Z when Planning your Next Holiday
6th December 2019 admin_rooster

How to be More Gen Z when Planning your Next Holiday

Fuelled by the ever-growing eco-conscious Gen Z population, the topic of sustainable travel has featured in our day-to-day news agenda for as long as we can remember.

With Gen Z leading the movement and putting their beliefs in to practice, here we’ve listed three top tips, to guide those wishing to travel more sustainably, like their counterparts.

Make time to give back
It’s important more than ever before to travel with purpose. As well as enjoying some R&R on holiday, it can often be extremely rewarding to set aside time to give back to local communities and support initiatives that benefit the local community and environment.  Whether it’s visiting an nature reserve to lend a hand or learning about and volunteer at a local conservation project, travelling with meaning is more important than ever.

Interact with local communities
Staying in small rural villages often directs spend into the businesses and families that need it most. Getting immersed in local life, interacting with small communities and contributing to their income is a great way of using tourism as a force for good, all whilst seeing the authentic side of a destination.

Embrace budgeting
There are many experiences to be had when travelling on a budget, whether its in-destination travel, the food you buy or the places you stay, some of the most authentic experiences come when you live like a local. Pick street food markets over 5* restaurants, rail journeys through the countryside over another flight, and small village homestays over luxury apartments.

Sam Willan, General Manager of StudentUniverse, said, “2019 has seen us enlightened more than ever before on the footprints our travels leave on the world, and the importance of embracing eco-conscious travel options. Whether it’s a weekend city break, a fly and flop on a secluded beach somewhere, or month-long hiking expedition, there are several ways in which people can travel more consciously, which we encourage all to adopt.”

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