Heating Wars

Heating Wars
22nd October 2019 Sarah Golan

Heating Wars

In Client News, Contura

Wood-burning stove company Contura reveals what’s getting Brits hot under the collar when it comes to home heating habits this autumn

• Nearly half (48 percent) of Brits admit to arguing about heating in the home
• Temperature setting is the most common cause of heating-related arguments (60 percent)
• 78 percent of Brits supplement their central heating with other forms of heating
• Blankets, cosy clothes, slippers and hot drinks are the most popular things helping Brits beat the winter chill

There’s no doubt that we’re a nation obsessed with the weather, and come October, most Brits are carefully watching the mercury, waiting for the radical drop in temperature that signals the approach of winter.

But with cooler temperatures also comes a rise in tempers in homes across Britain. Contura research reveals that almost half of Brits (48 percent) admit to arguing about the heating in the home and for as many as 18 percent of us, these arguments are a daily occurrence.

Whilst we’re certainly a sensible bunch, with nearly half of us (47 percent) holding off until the weather takes a real turn to switch the heating on, and a further 37 percent conceding defeat every year in October, the real issue is temperature. As much as 60 percent of Britons admit that the most common cause of household heating disputes relates to the temperature setting.

The preferred home temperature is a comfortable 20°C. Although for a vast 78 percent of cold-fearing Brits, central heating is far from adequate to keep us toasty. 23 percent admit to supplementing the central heating with electric radiators, 20 percent with fan heaters and 13 percent use wood-burning stoves.

When the heating isn’t on, the most popular ways to keep warm at home are wrapping up in the trusty blanket, donning cosy clothes and warm slippers, and sipping on hot drinks.

During the winter months, 43 percent of the nation says they have their heating on for 4-6 hours a day, followed by 30 percent who only enjoys the heating for 1-3 hours a day. At the weekend the number of hours increases to 4-6 hours for 42 percent of Britons and to over 6 hours for another 38 percent.

We’re by no means set in our ways; over two thirds (68 percent) say they take each day as it comes, adjusting the heating to fit with their schedules and external temperatures as appropriate.

Proving that whilst we like to be warm and cosy at home, we don’t feel compelled to hide under the duvet waiting for the spring sunshine to return; the living room is the space that receives the most heating boosts (60 percent) in UK homes during the cooler months.

Phil Wood, UK country manager at Contura, Europe’s leading manufacturer of wood burning stoves says, “It comes as no surprise that nearly half of Brits admit to arguing about heating in the home or that the temperature setting is what gets people so hot under the collar.

“It’s clear we’re a nation that likes to keep their homes cosy, with almost four fifths of UK residents saying they supplement their central heating with another heat-source such as a wood-burning stove.

“And to the 5 percent that says they have their central heating on for less than 1 hour a day through the winter, we can only assume you already have wood-burning stoves keeping your homes toasty throughout the winter months.”