Team Viewpoint: Q&A with Arabella Halfhide

Team Viewpoint: Q&A with Arabella Halfhide
4th October 2019 admin_rooster

Team Viewpoint: Q&A with Arabella Halfhide

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How long have you worked at Rooster and what do you do?

I have just celebrated one year at Rooster in early October, I can’t quite believe how quickly the year has gone by.

When I joined Rooster I was an Account Manager within the Travel & Transport division, but as is typical (and exciting) of agency life, my role has changed a lot since joining. I’m now a Senior Account Manager across the Travel & Tourism team and the Business & Corporate team.

What do you like about working for Rooster?

It’s the team that makes working at Rooster so great. They are a really fun, supportive and inspiring group of people, all on the same mission to deliver great things for our clients.

Tell us a fun fact about you…

I have an abnormally large family. I’m one of five siblings, I have four parents, 10 grandparents, 18 aunts and uncles and 22 cousins. Work that one out.

What has been your favourite PR campaign of the last 12-months?

Who doesn’t love a Cadbury’s campaign! God they know how to pull on your heart strings; their campaign with AgeUK was simple, yet effective, and the advert ‘Cadbury’s Dairy Milk | Fence’ – pure brilliance.

I also love sporting events, they always bring out some of the best creative humour in our industry.

What has been your favourite career moment?

After a few twists and turns, from starting out in fashion PR before moving in to B2B MICE PR, I found my true passion in Travel PR. I have Rooster to thank for that.

Where do you see PR heading in the next five years?

With how quickly the industry has changed since I entered it nine years ago, I’ll be honest, it’s not clear, or in any way certain, where the industry will be in five years. PR has morphed so much, and it’s amazing to see how adaptable and nimble it can be in order to not only keep up, but set the pace.

Our biggest challenge is consumer demand and expectation. Gen Z are the future, so it’s our job to help brands adapt and align themselves to the changing consumer.