Team Viewpoint: Q&A with Charlotte Wright, Senior Account Executive

Team Viewpoint: Q&A with Charlotte Wright, Senior Account Executive
9th September 2019 admin_rooster

Team Viewpoint: Q&A with Charlotte Wright, Senior Account Executive

How would you sum up Rooster as an agency your clients want to work with?
Our approach with our valued clients is to work closely with them to implement a strategic communications/PR programme that helps them to reach their overall business goals and objectives. It is by no means a ‘one size fits all’ approach. To do our jobs successfully, we need to be integrated and aligned with our clients’ communications and marketing teams, and we need to be trusted to get the job done. I believe that our clients choose us because of our integrity, superior press office skills, creativity, and accountability. The clients that we do the best work for are the ones that we have a two-way, harmonious relationship with – we are all working towards the same goal, after all!

How long have you worked there and what do you do?
I have worked at Rooster for 15 months, following a PR role in my home country, New Zealand. I am currently a Senior Account Executive, working mainly across Tourism Boards and Hotel brands, and specialising in media relations, events and social media.

A typical day for me would include drafting and distributing press releases, pitching my clients to key media targets, planning client media events, meeting with journalists, organising press trips (and sometimes hosting them!) and creating engaging content for my clients’ social media pages. That is one of the things that I love about working in PR – every day is different!

What do you like about working for Rooster?
I really like the in-office working environment, everyone is super friendly and has each other’s backs. We’re all busy and have our own things to get on with, but if ever we need some help or inspiration, the team are always willing. We’ve also got some awesome clients that I love working for – they’re willing to push the boundaries and that really inspires me to drive great results.
Another perk of working in travel PR is that you can get the opportunity experience the destination or hotels that you work for first-hand, which helps exponentially in understanding the client and PRing it successfully. I was very lucky to have the opportunity to visit St. Pete/Clearwater and the Maldives earlier this year, which has increased my passion for these clients ten-fold.

What are the agency’s plans for the future?
Rooster PR has grown significantly over the past few years, moving from a boutique travel-focused PR agency, to a full-service communications agency working with travel, consumer lifestyle, and B2B brands. This year, the agency will be celebrating 20 years in operation, and with that, we’ll be making some exciting changes to our brand to truly showcase what we are about – watch this space! But, one thing that will never change is our steadfast commitment to delivering great results for our wonderful clients.