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Gather your Crew!

Gather your Crew!
15 July 2019 James Brooke

MedSailors lists the seven shipmates you should bring on your first sailing holiday.  

Planning a holiday for a group of friends can be tough, as finding a destination or activity to please everyone often seems an impossible task. Skippered sailing holidays offer the perfect solution; island-hopping throughout the day, discovering deserted coves and anchoring in a new port each night, means there’s never a dull moment.

With routes across Greece, Croatia, Italy, Turkey and Montenegro, MedSailors organises holidays with varied groups in mind, as each crew member may be looking for something slightly different from their fellow sailors. Sun-seekers can swap their deck-chair for a catamaran trampoline, while adrenaline-junkies can take part in numerous water sports, caving and mountain hikes.

“A sailing trip isn’t just a holiday for experienced sailors; a well-equipped, comfortable yacht is the perfect accommodation for a truly versatile holiday” said Daniel Painter, Managing Director of MedSailors. “In the past five years, MedSailors has seen a 186% rise in bookings, as more travellers embrace the spirit of adventure and take to the seas to experience numerous destinations in one trip.”

For those looking to plan a last-minute summer holiday with a great group of friends, but just aren’t quite sure who to invite, MedSailors has listed the seven friends that will make for ideal shipmates, to ensure the best holiday experience that will float everyone’s boat.

The Captain

This is your group leader, the one making sure everyone’s getting involved in the fun. The Captain may have sailed once or twice before, or they could simply be the most-confident member of your group, but they’re always around to lend a helping hand, lead a beach clean, or organise a spontaneous paddleboard race.

The Zen-Master

While the Captain gets sailors excited for a day on the water, The Zen-Master will be on hand to provide a calm retreat from the bustle on deck. Most commonly found practicing yoga on their paddleboard and searching for secret coves to read their next book, their calm energy is perfect for those wanting a more relaxed break.

The Sun-Seeker

While the rest of the crew hoist the sail and batten down the hatches, The Sun-Seeker will be catching the best of the afternoon rays. They’d rather avoid the action of open-sail, but that’s okay; they’ll find the perfect spot on the beach for an afternoon of swimming and volleyball and do the rounds with the sun cream to make sure nobody is caught-out by the sun’s hot rays.

The Adrenaline-Junkie

Moped rides, paragliding, volcano treks, jet skiing – The Adrenaline-Junkie ignites the crew’s inner adventurer. Encouraging those to step outside their comfort zone and get involved in the thrilling activities and adventures to be had.  You’re scared of nothing after a handy tutorial from your most adventurous friend.

The History-Buff

How old is Athens’ Acropolis? How long are Dubrovnik’s city walls? Who first discovered the Blue Caves? The History-Buff will have the answer to all these questions (as well as plenty more you didn’t ask). Always on hand with a fun fact to add colour to your afternoon hike, The History-Buff’s passion for a good story will teach you more about Cleopatra in an afternoon sailing through Turkey than you ever learnt at school.

The Night Owl

After a day at sea, The Night Owl will take charge of the evening adventures. Discovering the best local restaurants, bars and nightlife with the help of MedSailors’ Guest Experience Leader, The Night Owl will ensure the group samples all the local delicacies, sips the region’s wine and immerse themselves in the locals’ buzzing and alfresco way of life. For nights spent relaxing onboard, The Night Owl will persuade the group to enjoy the sunsets before stargazing on deck.

Mum or Dad

There’s always a friend in a group that assumes the role of caregiver. And while there is a skipper onboard serving breakfast and lunch each day, Mum or Dad will be on hand ensuring everyone’s had plenty of water, topped up their sun cream, reminded everyone to hang towels out to dry and even done the coffee round to rally the troops in the morning.

Prices start from £532 for a week onboard a MedSailors yacht. Included in all MedSailors tours is an expert professional onboard skipper, seven-days’ accommodation on board your own yacht or catamaran, a ‘guest experience leader’, breakfast & lunch made fresh every day, stand-up paddleboards, dinghy & snorkelling gear, tea, coffee and drinking water, towels, bed linen end of week cleaning fees.

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About MedSailors
MedSailors is part of the Navigate Travel group – a dynamic, forward-thinking travel company, which launched nearly a decade ago. Proving that sailing holidays aren’t only for the rich and famous, MedSailors offers skippered trips at sea for 20-35-year-olds in Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Montenegro and Italy and has sent over 22,000 travellers on unforgettable breaks.

The company has since expanded to launch its second sailing holiday brand, Yacht Getaways in 2014, offering premium sailing experiences to an older demographic. Its most recent venture is Wild Kiwi, which offers epic small group, adventure tours for the millennial market in New Zealand & Australia.

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