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Marie Kondo Your Travel Planning

Marie Kondo Your Travel Planning
22 March 2019 James Brooke
  • Over a third of couples experience travel anxiety
  • 60% of couples have argued due to a holiday booking
  • Put the joy back into your travels with a dedicated travel agent

For once, the world is in agreement: travel makes us happier and more creative.* But how many of us can truly say we get joy from days spent scouring the internet for flight deals and choosing accommodation? According to the latest research commissioned by Flight Centre, this demanding DIY booking process has led to a serious boom in planning anxiety among couples.

A OnePoll study, conducted for Flight Centre, of 2,000 people in relationships, reveals that over a third of people experience travel anxiety, brought on by the stresses and intricacies of booking a holiday with their partner.

From the pressure of deciding a holiday budget and catching good deals to reading Trip Advisor reviews and then forgetting to book extras, the tasks soon stack up and can seem overwhelming. In fact, 58.7% of people surveyed said the hurdles involved in booking their escape had caused friction and stress in their lives.

The top things that cause planning anxiety:

  1. Budget for the holiday (17.7%)
  2. Where to travel to (15.8%)
  3. When to travel (13.55%)
  4. Partner taking too long to make a decision (12.55%)
  5. Budget for spending money (12.3%)
  6. Choice of accommodation (11.65%)
  7. Missing a good deal or offer (11.45%)
  8. Flight times (10.6%)

With the stress of planning causing so much anxiety, 45 per cent of people in relationships admitted that they would rather have a third party organise their holiday for them to avoid these holiday-booking barnies, or even the dreaded break-up. However, only 4.5 per cent of couples currently search for help to alleviate this stress and make travel a joyful experience.

That’s why this year, Flight Centre is recommending that couples wanting to put the joy back into their holiday should Marie Kondo their travel plans for a more streamlined process. Bringing on board a trusted Travel Expert will throw out the stresses of online booking and arrange a perfectly planned holiday to suit each couple.

Lucy Clifton, Flight Centre Head of Operations, said: “Travel is one of life’s most positive experiences and the organisation of your upcoming trip should be as exciting as the journey itself. With the help of our expert consultants we want to help declutter the booking process – not to mention your browser! We can put the joy back into every stage of travel by removing the stress and worry of planning a dream holiday”.

When it comes to couples’ arguments, deciding on when to travel and fly (24.1 per cent), budget (17.7 per cent) and destinations (15.8 per cent) proved to be the biggest causes of friction when couples book holidays together. And it’s no wonder our anxiety levels are through the roof while planning our holidays, with couples spending an average 105 minutes arguing per holiday booking session.

While the trend for shorter breaks may have been attributed in the past to hectic lifestyles, Flight Centre research claims that it could be down to a rise in travel anxiety. Almost one fifth (19 per cent) of couples say they are forced to book shorter breaks, as their current booking process inflicts too much stress, effort and time on their relationship.

In fact, couples are forced to put their entire relationship on the line in order to navigate the quagmire of holiday booking, with 14% of couples having broken-up due to arguments while arranging a break – it’s no wonder that anxiety runs high!

“Flight Centre’s expert travel agents are the perfect solution to alleviate tension and put the fun back into booking,” Lucy Clifton said. “Couples can choose to speak to their agent individually or together and their dedicated agent will take the time to ensure you get a trip suited to both your desires.

“Our customers build genuine, lasting relationships with our consultants, as evidenced by our Trustpilot score of 9.7 out of 10. This is driven by 18,000 five star reviews and customers often make the point of praising our consultants by name”.


Notes to Editors:
* Maddux, W. W., Adam, H., & Galinsky, A. D. (2010). When in Rome … Learn Why the Romans Do What They Do: How Multicultural Learning Experiences Facilitate Creativity. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 36(6), 731–741.

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