Discover Digital Detox Destinations with StudentUniverse

Discover Digital Detox Destinations with StudentUniverse
28th February 2019 James Brooke

Discover Digital Detox Destinations with StudentUniverse

Globally, around one in every three minutes spent online is devoted to social media networking and messaging; with digitally savvy 16-24s spending up to 2 hours 40 minutes online each day. Surprisingly, the leading reasons for social media usage among 16-24s, identified in GlobalWebIndex’s 2018 report, was “filling up spare time”.

StudentUniverse wants to encourage youth travellers to put down their smart phones and fill their spare time discovering the world first hand, rather than through social media platforms. Here they list their top seven ‘Digital Detox Destinations’ that will make putting phones and tablets down even easier.


  1. Trek through Wi-Fi free Madagascar

Travellers will explore the Antsirabe by rickshaw, take in the countryside by bicycle and canoe the Matsiatra River, leaving no time to scroll through social media, but instead engage with the friendly Bara and Betsileo people during hikes through small remote villages.
*A 14-day adventure costs from £2,137 per person. To book, visit

  1. Discover penguins at the end of the earth

As young travellers set foot on the world’s least visited continent, there will be no chance of FOMO when there is the opportunity to encounter leopard seals lazing on icecaps and immense rookeries of penguins, surrounded by towering glaciers.

*An 11-day adventure costs from £3,999 per person. To book, visit

  1. Ascent to Everest’s base camp

Along a route dubbed by some as “the steps to heaven,” every bend in the trail provides another memorable moment, and requires full concentration meaning digital devices can’t be in hand.  Who needs social media when there’s beautiful forests, Sherpa villages and glacial moraines to admire?

*A 15-day adventure costs from £1,007 per person. To book, visit

  1. Journey through East Africa

When in the presence of rare mountain Gorillas in Uganda’s dense forest, checking in on Facebook or hashtagging on Instagram will be the last thing travellers will be thinking about. This epic adventure takes in the stunning Serengeti, Masai Marah and Jinha River, the breath-taking habitats of some of the planet’s most magnificent animals.

*A 27-day adventure costs from £3,695.00 per person. To book, visit

  1. Discover true happiness in Bhutan

Hiking along the peaceful nature trails in one of the most remote counties in the world, will give reason to live in the present and absorb the calming and break-taking surroundings. During the tour of the Buddhist kingdom, travellers will discover the cliff-side Taktsang Monastery, receive a lecture from Buddhist monks and explore remote mountain villages and shrines.

*A 10-day adventure costs from £2,319.20 per person. To book, visit

  1. Costa Rica, a thrill-seeker’s paradise

Rafting along the renowned Pacuare River rapids, mountain biking in the presence of the Arenal Volcano and surfing the Caribbean seas won’t allow for a moment of mindless scrolling. The action-packed thrill-seekers adventure to San Jose will keep even the most energic person on their toes.

*A 13-day adventure costs from £1,019.15 per person. To book, visit

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