Team Viewpoint: Q&A with Yaz Triana, Account Director, Business & Corporate Team

Team Viewpoint: Q&A with Yaz Triana, Account Director, Business & Corporate Team
27th November 2018 James Brooke

Team Viewpoint: Q&A with Yaz Triana, Account Director, Business & Corporate Team

How would you sum up Rooster as an agency your clients want to work with?

You’ll never feel like a small fish in a big pond. No matter what size or the scale of the campaign, we’re dedicated to making a genuine difference to our clients.

We’re honest, accountable and dedicated to getting sh*t done – which is the feedback we often get from clients who’ve worked with other agencies in the past.

On a personal level, we’re approachable and sociable. Our clients often work from our office and see us as part of the team, rather than an external supplier.

How long have you worked there and what do you do?

Coming up to three years now. I’ve been lucky enough to work across several different sectors in my career and as the Account Director for our Business & Corporate team I have the opportunity to continue doing just that. We work with start-ups that we can see the potential in as well as established companies that have yet to have their story told. No day is ever the same for our team as we work across everything from travel and leisure to personal finance, business management and construction. The most rewarding work is seeing the success of a company that is a direct result of our PR campaign.

What do you like about working for Rooster?

Everyone is dedicated and no one is afraid to get their hands dirty. You’ll also get exposure to higher responsibilities at a junior level that some agencies are more reluctant to offer, meaning there’s plenty of opportunity for growth. For example this morning we had our MD on his hands and knees fixing the dishwasher, while the SAE on my team was interviewing a client MD.

We work hard but have the respect and recognition returned. We make time to celebrate successes and work together to help out across teams.

Our summer and Christmas parties never disappoint – this year we’re off to Edinburgh. We can also take interest free loans from Rooster to make the most of holiday sales.

We’re lucky to have such a talented, easy-going and sharp-witted team – it wouldn’t be any fun otherwise.

What are the agency’s plans for the future?

Ambitious but measured. There’s no use trying to conquer the world if we’re not able to maintain the service our retained clients deserve. We’re also never going to turn into a PR sweatshop – we have a strong retention rate at Rooster and we’d like to keep it that way.

We’ve grown from our travel and tourism roots and utilised our tried and trusted approach to successfully expand our breadth of work and the way in which we activate campaigns. Our clients now cover corporate, consumer, B2B and personal finance whilst our activations range from pure media relations and glamorous ‘FAM’ trips, to delivering hard-hitting economic and financial stories, to press stunts and public activations.

We’re unashamed in wanting to be the number one agency for travel brands as well as continuing our expansion into other sectors. We strive to pioneer new approaches to PR and deliver strategic impacts on our clients’ businesses. We’re not interested in PR for PR’s sake – we want to make a difference.

Is there anything you think could be improved?

Our Creative Director’s various accents and impressions… terrible Joe, just terrible…

Yasmine ‘Yaz’ Triana is an Account Director in the Business & Corporate Team

(Interview first appeared on Media Contacts’ blog here. Media Contacts is a recruitment partner of Rooster PR)