Savvy Student Travel: Destinations Where the Pound Goes the Distance

Savvy Student Travel: Destinations Where the Pound Goes the Distance
24th September 2018 James Brooke

Savvy Student Travel: Destinations Where the Pound Goes the Distance

If travel is in your blood and you want nothing more than to see the world, being savvy with your destination choice could serve you wonders financially. With the pound performing well against certain currencies, careful thought and planning can ensure you have the experience of a lifetime whilst the exchange rate is on your side.

Whilst you may be up to speed with pop culture, keeping in the know with current affairs and economic news could just help when it comes to picking your next adventure. Here the travel experts at StudentUniverse share their top destinations for value:

Destination: Cambodia

Current exchange Rate: 1 British pound = 5,334.04 Cambodian Riel*

How much a coffee will cost you? One cappuccino starts from £1.53*

What’s good for students: A top hangout for travellers, with the mighty Angkor Wat, an array of golden beaches and plenty of vibrant downtowns; South East Asia is a must see!

Where to go: Explore Bangkok, Siem Reap and Battambang (amongst many more) on the Ultimate Cambodian Adventure. Cycle in the shadows of the mighty Angkor Wat, wandering the streets of cosmopolitan Phnom Penh, or exploring the Irrawaddy in search of river dolphins from £969 per person.

Destination: Brazil

Current exchange Rate: 1 British Pound = 5.51688 Brazilian Real*

How much an evening meal will cost you? A Restaurant meal for one can start from £3.68*

What’s good for students: A great base for exploring South America, Brazil’s rich and vibrant culture is incredibly inviting. The locals are notoriously friendly, too!

Where to go: Discover Rio De Janiero, Iha Ghande and Paraty with the Wonders of Brazil tour. Wander the cobblestoned streets of colonial Paraty, live it up in Rio de Janeiro, marvel at the thundering Iguassu Falls, encounter wildlife and sleep in hammocks in the Brazilian Pantanal, sip caipirinhas on the beach from £1,899 per person.

Destination: Turkey

Current exchange Rate: 1 British pound = 8.0222 Turkish Lira*

How much will a local beer cost you: Beer prices start from £1.80*

What’s good for students: With its stunning scenery, historic cities and the pull of charming coastlines, Turkey is one for your bucket list. It’s also where the late-night kebab was invented!

Where to go: Visit a whole host of iconic cities, including Troy, Istanbul and Gallilopi, on the Ultimate Turkey Adventure. Sail the turquoise-clear coast in a traditional Turkish gulet boat, observe the crumbling remains of ancient Greek cities, and journey through the most jaw-dropping natural wonders from just £1,099 per person.

StudentUniverse’s top tips for making sure you get the best for your money when travelling:

  1. Shop around for the best exchange rates; don’t leave changing your travel money until the last minute.
  2. Do your homework; make sure you can use your cards abroad without being stung by hefty fees.
  3. Always use local currency; if you have the option of paying – or withdrawing cash – in pounds rather than the local currency, always say no.

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Notes to Editors:
*Currency exchange rates sourced from and are correct as of 18th September 2018.
*Cost of living prices sourced from and are correct as of 18h September 2018 

– Brazil:

– Cambodia:



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