How Africa is Saving its Elephants One Project at a Time

How Africa is Saving its Elephants One Project at a Time
9th August 2018 James Brooke

How Africa is Saving its Elephants One Project at a Time

SafariBookings recommends its top destinations ahead of World Elephant Day 2018.

With next Sunday 12th August marking World Elephant Day, our attention is once again drawn to elephants around the globe. These remarkable creatures play a unique role in the way ecosystems function and are among the most intelligent and social animals to walk our planet. So, how best can we protect and nurture elephants, thereby providing them with a happy and sustainable future? Africa is known and loved for its elephants, but while it was once home to many millions, it is now believed that just 415,000* exist on the continent.

As we look to support and protect this species, African safari experts,, shares its top African destinations and organisations that are leading the way with elephant conservation. Those keen to see these beautiful animals need look no further…


First and foremost of the nations that are increasing their elephant numbers is Botswana*. The country, which has Africa’s best track record for conserving elephants at the national level, is home to an impressive one-third of Africa’s remaining elephants and more than 130,000 are thought to reside in this predominantly arid land.

The country’s political and economic stability and small human population make it an elephant haven. In addition, year-round water sources in areas such as the Okavango Delta attract high a concentration of elephants.

*For information on safari trips to Botswana, visit


Although not traditionally known for its wildlife, Malawi is now challenging the more established safari countries. You may have heard about the fantastic work undertaken by African Parks to move 500 elephants within Malawi* to new homes – one of the largest and most significant elephant translocations in human history. The non-profit African Parks has an inspiring track-record that puts it right at the front of elephant conservation – and often in some extremely challenging parts of the continent, such as Zacouma in Chad and Garamba in the DRC.

With 15 protected areas already under long-term management, and a vision of having 20 parks by 2020, African Parks is uniquely positioned to have broad-scale impact to save elephants.

*For more information on safari trips to Malawai, visit


Save the Elephants (STE) aims to secure a future for elephants, and to sustain the ecological integrity of the natural places where they live, promoting their intelligence and developing a harmonious relationship between humans and elephants. Primarily based in Samburu National Reserve in Kenya*, STE aims to gain a better understanding of the creatures’ movements, ecology and behaviour. They want to look at conservation from an elephant’s point of view. STE promotes a more informed and evidence-based management approach to successfully conserving elephants and their natural landscapes.

*For information on safari trips to Kenya, visit

This World Elephant Day we owe it to Africa’s giant grey gardeners and the world’s foremost landscape engineers – not just for their longevity, but also for our rationality – because a world without elephants would be an immeasurably poorer place.


Notes to editors:

All of the organisations mentioned above are worthy causes that rely on donor support in order to carry out their noble mandates. Every dollar will be spent in the field to safeguard elephants and ensure that our grandchildren also get to appreciate these remarkable and compassionate creatures.

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