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Rickshaw Travel launches new meaningful trips to Bhutan

Rickshaw Travel launches new meaningful trips to Bhutan
13 June 2018 James Brooke

Rickshaw Travel has added to its bite-sized trips, offering three new experiences in Bhutan. Hidden behind snowy Himalayan peaks and sandwiched between the giants of India and China, Bhutan is one of the world’s best-kept secrets.

Rickshaw’s trips are all about meaningful, enriching experiences that bring you closer to the heart of Bhutan whilst also benefitting the local communities. From a wildlife sanctuary trek to a peaceful hike through the Himalayan Mountains, there are plenty of immersive travel experiences that take holidaymakers off the beaten path and into the heart of local communities.

The new trips include a trek from Paro to Thimpu, a visit to a Bumdra Monastery and Tigers Nest, and a seven-day hike exploring the remote region of Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary.

With Rickshaw you can customise your own personal travel itinerary. Simply mix and match from the range of bite-size trips available then Rickshaw’s travel specialists will piece them together using a combination of transport and locally-run accommodation.

New trips to Bhutan include:

  1. Shimmering Lakes & Snowy Peaks

Duration: 6 days / 5 nights

Location: Paro – Thimphu

Prices from: £1198 – per person – Basic accommodation

This moderate trek leads you along an ancient trading route and gives you a glimpse of Bhutan’s unspoilt landscape. You’ll cross Himalayan mountains and pass sparsely populated areas, with a natural landscape of blue pine forests and pristine lakes teeming with fish. The trek ends in Bhutan’s capital – Thimphu.

  1. Prayer Flags & Buddhist Monasteries To Tigers Nest

Duration: 2 days / 1 night

Location: Paro – Bumdra Monastery – Tigers Nest

Prices from: £265 – per person – Basic accommodation

The Bumdra trek is more of a hike, and you’ll spend 2 days walking the area around Paro, through the vast valley, passing temples and monasteries – watching the sunset over the mountains of Haa. This hike may be a challenge for some, taking you up 4,000m in just one day, but you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views of an intriguing cliff-face pilgrimage site, small chapels and Tiger’s Nest itself.

  1. Footsteps through Forests & Mountains

Duration: 7 days / 6 nights

Location: Sakteng (Chaling – Phongmay)

Prices from: £1998 – per person – Basic accommodation

This newly developed trek explores the remote, eastern region of Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary, starting in the village of Chaling and finishing near the regional weaving village of Radhi. Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary is an unspoilt, delicate ecosystem covering 750km² and was established specifically to look after the legendary Yeti. It’s also home to snow leopards, red pandas, the red fox and the Himalayan black bear. The region is also home to the isolated Brokpa people – one of the Himalayas most interesting ethnic groups.

For more information or to book, visit or call 01273 934 823.


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About Rickshaw Travel
Rickshaw Travel is an independent tour operator based in Brighton. They are committed to providing enriching, immersive travel experiences that take holidaymakers off the beaten path and into the heart of local communities.

Meaningful travel – or travelling in a way that everybody benefits from – is the core ethos of Rickshaw: the traveller benefits from enriching experiences where they learn something new (about the destination, culture, a skill or about themselves) and at the same time the local people, animals and/or environment benefit too.

Rickshaw Travel’s individual approach to independent exploration enables adventurous holidaymakers to visit the heart of a destination and experience the real spirit of a local culture. Rickshaw specialises in offering small-scale, authentic accommodation that truly reflects the character of each destination.

Rickshaw are proud to have built up a team of passionate Travel Specialists who each have extensive travel experience in their own dedicated destinations. They pride themselves on being open and honest about the places they have visited and are on hand to inspire and support travellers. The company’s style of travel is unique – Rickshaw’s dedicated Product Team has worked alongside the company’s in-destination partners to create a choice of carefully selected bite-size trips, typically 2-4 days long, which can be combined to create the perfect itinerary. Rickshaw’s bite-size trips include a range of local excursions, charming authentic accommodation and some transfers to ensure a hassle-free holiday. A minimum of three bite-sized trips must be combined to create a full itinerary.

Protecting nature and wildlife – and encouraging travellers to do the same – is also key for the Rickshaw team. They have recently partnered with Brighton-based organisation, ANIMONDIAL, to develop an animal welfare policy, as well as providing a ‘toolkit’ to help other small travel companies become more responsible. Rickshaw Travel has also committed to supporting the end of elephant riding by signing World Animal Protection’s elephant-friendly pledge, and is in the process of auditing trips involving any type of wild animal interaction.

Rickshaw Travel now offers trips in 24 destinations across Asia, Central and South America, including Cuba, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, India, Costa Rica, Peru, Borneo, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Chile, Brazil and Japan. It will also be launching Canada and Mexico trips in 2018, extending their total destinations to 26.