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Camptoo Appoints Rooster PR for UK Launch

Camptoo Appoints Rooster PR for UK Launch
17 April 2018 James Brooke

Dutch travel platform to start a Van Life movement by connecting campervan owners and renters.

Camptoo, a sharing economy platform for owners and renters of campervans and motorhomes, has appointed Rooster PR as their UK PR agency as they prepare to launch into the local market.

Borne out of frustration at the difficulty of renting a campervan for a weekend in the summer whilst many stood idle on driveways, Camptoo was founded in The Netherlands in the summer of 2014 by entrepreneur Martijn Peeters. The service connects campervan owners and renters, offering a potential revenue stream for owners when not using their own vehicle, while offering renters are more diverse range of options.

British travellers can choose from the almost 1,500 vehicles spread across Europe, or from the more than 200 across Australia if headed Down Under for an extended road trip. The vehicles Camptoo offers range in size, style, age and facilities, catering to all manner of travellers, whether young adventurers looking to get back to nature, families wanting the freedom to create their own itinerary, or those looking for luxury on four-wheels as they make their journey.

By eradicating the need to collect the vehicle from a traditional hire company, Camptoo allows travellers to use the vehicle for the segment of their trip they wish and experience the same passion for freedom that owners of campervans feel when road tripping themselves.

Rooster’s brief is to deliver an impactful Public Relations campaign that will inform the market, via the media, of Camptoo’s USPs, with the intention of making campervan travel accessible to the masses as the cost of usage decreases.

Martijn Peeters, CEO of Camptoo said: “Until now, hiring and using a campervan or motorhome meant that the traveller had to craft their itinerary around where and when they could collect and had to return the vehicle to. Camptoo shakes up that consumer experience entirely, giving renters the freedom to determine their own itinerary. We expect that opportunity will prove popular with British travellers for whom driving around the UK or to the continent has always been a popular style of holiday.”

Rooster’s Managing Director, James Brooke, said: “Sharing economy platforms like Camptoo have revolutionised the travel experience in recent years and we expect Camptoo will continue to fuel that process. We’re looking forward to bringing the brand to the UK market and are thrilled to have been appointed.”

Rooster will work to build Camptoo’s industry profile as a challenger brand in the travel and online sectors with a PR programme that both encourages owners to list their vehicle on the site and entices travellers to book.

The company currently operates across Europe and Australia. In just three years since it launched, users have booked almost 100,000 nights in mobile vehicles via the site.

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About Camptoo
Launched in the Netherlands in 2014, Camptoo is a sharing economy platform that connects the owners and renters of campervans, motorhomes and touring caravans.

Since it was launched, Camptoo users have booked almost 100,000 nights in vehicles rented through the site. Owners are able to generate income from their campervan when it’s not being used while renters have greater flexibility when booking their vehicle so that it best suits their needs.

There are almost 1,500 vehicles to choose from across Europe and a further 200 across Australia, with more being added every week. Vehicles are properly insured to allow both owner as well as renter a carefree holiday, with Camptoo providing all the necessary paperwork, checklists and roadside assistance.

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