Stunts of the Month – Twitter Wars and Border Bar

Stunts of the Month – Twitter Wars and Border Bar
2nd October 2017 James Brooke

Stunts of the Month – Twitter Wars and Border Bar

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With powerful eye health campaigns, as well as light hearted Twitter conflicts, the stunts that have stood out recently have contrasted in their approach, but all have been success stories in their own right.

Blurred Vision

The National Eye Health campaign was a particularly powerful approach to engaging viewers, as the Channel 4 ad breaks were displayed through the eye of the two million people living in the UK with sight loss conditions.

The partnership between Channel 4 and the Royal Institute of Blind People provoked thought and consideration for those with sight loss, as each advert saw different filters contort in illustration of the most common five eye conditions in the UK. The glaucoma effect felt claustrophobic, choking even, while the cataracts cloudiness completely changed the viewing experience.

Aiming to inspire all advertisers to consider the entire audience, the creative campaign was seen in countless outlets beyond the breaks of Channel 4.

A Tale of Two Museums

Intentional or not, when the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum went to war (perhaps an overstatement) on Twitter it spread across countless outlets.

It showed the fun, engaging and human side to both museums – effectively everything they should aspire to be for visitors of all ages. Comparing their prize possessions, the Natural History Museum claimed dinosaurs made it no contest, while in retort the Science Museum claimed Spitfires, robots and ancient poisons were the trump card.

With a long line of exchanges, each museum showcased their assets to countless comments, retweets and likes, reminding onlookers of the diverse plethora of exhibitions each staple of the London museum scene has to offer.

Brewdog’s Border Bar

It might have taken place last month, but the ever-so-bold, beer-brewing team at Brewdog cannot be overlooked when it comes to a stunt. No strangers to controversy, Brewdog announced intentions to open a bar that ‘straddles’ the US-Mexico border.

With a turbulent history, and even more recent publicity courtesy of Donald Trump’s election campaign, it would almost be surprising if the expansion of Brewdog didn’t find an excuse to cross the border. ‘The Bar on the Edge’ will quite literally dissect the dividing line, with Mexican beers on one side, American on the other.

Although controversial, the bar-to-be joins a long list of stunts that aim to unite rather than divide, with beer as the ‘unifying factor between cultures’. No doubt, the launch party will be one for the diary.

By Alex Fenton.