Roosters Reaping in the Rewards of Travel

Roosters Reaping in the Rewards of Travel
15th September 2017 James Brooke

Roosters Reaping in the Rewards of Travel

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At Rooster, we are known for loving travel. Having originally started as a travel PR agency (we’ve since expanded, applying our comms expertise to other sectors), we naturally attract the curious globetrotter when we add new Roosterites to the team – in fact we even have Roosterites in our office from the other side of the globe!

Knowing how important travel is to our staff, this year Rooster introduced a new benefits scheme for its employees – think ‘season rail card loan’ but for travel. That’s right! From April 2017, we started offering our staff ‘Holiday Loans’, meaning when a once-in-a-lifetime trip comes their way, they needn’t worry about whether they have enough money at that moment in time to pay up-front.

Take the January sales for example – the best offers on flights and holiday packages can often be found after the festive season, as a way to brighten up the nation’s January blues. However, what most of us find is that the financial burden of Christmas usually means we can’t afford to book that dream trip and consequently miss out on said ‘unmissable’ deals.

The new scheme means our globetrotting staff can borrow a set amount of money to pay for their next adventure, with the dues being deducted out of their salary on a monthly basis, interest free. It really is as simple as that.

Numerous studies have found that travelling is good for our health and mental wellbeing, boosting our creativity, strengthening relationships, and even making us happier just knowing we have a trip booked! So why wouldn’t we embrace this and do what we can to keep our team energised?

And, with just over 100 countries left until the team has hit every corner of the world, we are looking forward to hearing where our squad of jet-setters are heading off to next.

Keep an eye on our Instagram feed for awe-inspiring snaps from our inquisitive bunch – who knows where it could take you?

By Katie Raby.