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Parents Fork Out Over £4.6K in Back to School Shopping

Parents Fork Out Over £4.6K in Back to School Shopping
24 August 2017 James Brooke

Boom25 research finds back to school shopping costs are driven up by demand for technology for kids from the age of five.

Research by online shopping rewards site, Boom25, calculates how much parents are spending on back to school shopping throughout a child’s education. As parents face increasing demands to buy additional technology items for their children such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, on top of the standard costs for stationary, shoes and uniforms, parents are splashing out more than £4,600 over the course of their child’s education.

According to Ofcom research, parents start buying children devices as young as five, the average British child now owns their first mobile phone at age seven, their first tablet at eight and smartphone by ten¹. Parents generally replace mobile phones every two to three years and tablets every five years, meaning parents could spend around £4,620.53 on technology, uniforms, shoes, sportswear and other items, over the course of a child’s education.

It’s no surprise that technology accounts for nearly half of back to school spending with parents spending around £2,735.66² on tablets and phones for their child throughout their school years.

The chart below demonstrates how much on average parents will spend on shopping for back to school basics throughout a child’s education³:

School uniforms£292.50
PE Kit£312.00
Lunch boxes£168.87
School bags£104.00
Mobile phones£1,715.70

CEO and Co-Founder of Boom25, Giora Mandel, says: “As a parent of three myself, school costs can be astronomical. Parents are facing increasing costs every year and the demand is only going to continue while new generations grow up in the digital age. Our aim with Boom25 is to offer parents the opportunity to win refunds on any back to school items that they’re buying online, whether it’s uniforms, stationary or gadgets!”

Parents can now shop for back to school essentials with the UK’s leading retailers via Boom25 for a chance to win a refund on their purchases: Boom25.

Since launching just a few months ago Boom25 has already given away over £35,000 to online shoppers in the UK. Boom25 offers refunds to every 25th customer with the UK’s leading online retailers.


Notes to editors:

  • Rooster will coordinate comment, interview and profile opportunities for Boom25 CEO and Co-Founder, Giora Mandel, and Co-Founder, Zachi Zach.
  • ¹ According to Ofcom Children and parents: media use and attitudes report:
  • ² Based on parents replacing children’s smartphone every three years and tablets every five years throughout 13 school years, and buying a laptop for secondary school.
  • ³ Boom25’s back to school shopping chart is based on the mid-range costs for the following basic items: uniform £22.50 from George, shoes £50.00 from Schuh, PE kit £24.00 from George, stationary £9.50 from Wilko, lunch boxes £12.99 from Littlewoods, school bags £8.00 from George. The total cost for each is multiplied by the number of years throughout a child’s education (from the age of five to 18).

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