Stunts of the Month – Flybraries, Gin Trains & a Game of Thrones

Stunts of the Month – Flybraries, Gin Trains & a Game of Thrones
27th July 2017 James Brooke

Stunts of the Month – Flybraries, Gin Trains & a Game of Thrones

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Game of Thrones

It seems a long time since Sean Bean first promised us that winter was coming. Six years later, the Game of Thrones series continues to climb to a crescendo, with winter coming to the screens in stark contrast to the second hottest year on record. Perhaps this was all the more reason for the near inescapable promotion of the seventh series this summer.

Fully clad White Walkers ventured from Hadrian’s Wall, the real-world inspiration for the Wall of Westeros, to London, where they descended on Buckingham Palace’s Throne Room. Across the UK media the undead were seen posing in London – inciting anticipation ahead of the latest series. The simple images that positioned the terrifying, fictional White Walkers against the backdrop of normality created a powerful contrast.

Tourism Ireland also unveiled a 250ft tapestry of the series’ plotline. The country has seen a huge influx of tourists owing to the filming locations it hosts, and as each episode is aired, another section of the tapestry will be unveiled. Every tourist office worth their salt should know how to maximise their assets, and Tourism Ireland has done so successfully, continuing to draw attention to the show’s set locations.

With in excess of 16 million watching the opening series 7 episode, shattering HBO records, the stunts have catapulted Game of Thrones even further into coffee-break discussions. Beyond this, a Finder survey concluded that 3.7 million Brits planned to watch the show illegally this season, demonstrating the extent to which the show has engrained itself in British culture.

Bombay Sapphire’s Gin Train

The gin trend is showing no signs of drying up, and with the influx of exciting and innovative gins, classic brands must vie for every sip. In a competitive market, mainstay Bombay Sapphire launched an immersive drinking experience aboard a gin train in east London. The gin train took the simplicity of the saying into a real idea that needed no further explanation.

The train didn’t actually depart from its station, but the journey took imbibers on a voyage themed to the 10 botanical ingredients, yielding even more ways for consumers to buy it. With a lavish blue sapphire carriage and Michelin-starred Tom Sellers on board, the gin train made its mark in Time Out and Metro.

EasyJet’s ‘Flybraries’

After a survey revealed that 83% of parents said their children read less than they did when they were younger, EasyJet developed a flying library, or ‘Flybrary’ campaign. Launched to coincide with the school summer holidays as the airline began flying some 750,000 families out of the UK, the campaign nicely addressed the age-old issue of how parents keep their kids amused while minimising passengers’ agitation with children.

With 7,000 children’s classics going into the seat pockets for youngsters to read, this campaign can surely do little harm to EasyJet’s reputation. Kids will also be able to follow their trips by downloading free samples via the site, much to the delight of the English teachers across the UK. In doing this, EasyJet has understood the needs of their customers, while also adding an educational element to position themselves firmly as a family-friendly brand.

By Alex Fenton