Find an Unknown Adventure Under the Tree this Christmas!

Find an Unknown Adventure Under the Tree this Christmas!
27th July 2017 James Brooke

Find an Unknown Adventure Under the Tree this Christmas!

Themed srprs.giftcards for travel lovers this festive season.

When it comes to Christmas, you will often find there are two extremes of present givers – those who carefully plan every detail and go out of their way to find the gift that will blow away all other gifts; and those who are nervous to take the risk so go for a gift card where they can let their recipient choose something they know they will love. But what if you could combine the two?

This year, new kids on the travel block are doing just that, with a special edition of gift cards that mean even you don’t know what you are giving your loved one. The only guarantee is that the gift will send the recipient ‘wherever they are meant to go’.

Starting from just £20, srprs.giftcards can be allocated with your preferred amount of money and are a quirky alternative to the traditional gift card, suitable for adventurous friends, family or anyone willing to embrace the unknown and add spontaneity to their life. The gifts can range from a one-off experience to a full trip.

Raymond Klompsma, CEO of says: “We have been shaking up the way people travel for three years now and we haven’t finished yet! Having sent over 55,000 travellers on a trip already we know people are embracing mystery travel. However, when it comes to being able to gift such a surprise that’s a new challenge. That’s why we created srprs.giftcards. To be able to give the gift of spontaneity and adventure is rare and is not only exciting for the recipient but is also intriguing for the buyer, seeing where their gift card can go.

“We want to spread our outlook on travel and encourage people to let go and see where opportunities take them, rather than living a regimented, planned out life. Through the srprs.giftcards, we hope to achieve just that and get people talking about and discovering the unknown.”

But how does a trip work?

Lucky recipients of a srprs.giftcard simply go online and choose between a city break, or backpacking adventure, indicate their budget, pick their dates and note up to three destinations they don’t want to go to.

Travellers then receive a dedicated page and srprs.consultant who personally selects the ideal destination, flights and accommodation to deliver the most memorable experience. Prior to travel they receive a weather forecast for packing purposes but only discover their destination when they reveal a special code on a scratch card at the airport departure lounge.’s city break destinations currently cover all of Europe, while the backpacking destinations extend worldwide, with destinations selected according to trip duration and budget. The company’s network of partners ensures accommodation is always of a high standard, in a convenient location and selected through reputable feedback.

Liberating travellers from the distractions of online reviews and lengthy planning processes, has already sent over 50,000 people on city breaks and backpacking adventures since it was founded in Amsterdam in 2014.

Wrapped in colourful festive packaging (or plain for other occasions) the srprs.giftcards allow the giver to include a personal message and can either be sent by post or delivered personally. The cards takes just two working days to be dispatched and are valid for up to two years after issue.
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Founded in April 2014, is an exciting new travel company on a mission to bring spontaneity to the way Brits travel. Launched in the UK in Spring 2017, was ranked 17th in The Next Web’s 30 fastest growing European tech companies for this year. offers surprise Backpacking and City Breaks from 8 UK airports. Travellers simply choose their date, theme and budget and experienced consultants will craft a quality surprise trip.

With their countdown clock ticking, travellers get nothing but a weather forecast and airport arrival time and discover their location via a personalised card with scratch off code prior to departure.

Headquartered in Amsterdam and with more than 50 employees, currently operates across The Netherlands, Belgium and the UK and has already helped over 50,000 people to embrace the unknown.

While surprise trips have previously been associated with undesirable locations and poor quality accommodations,’s selective network of partners ensures accommodation is always of a high standard, in a convenient location and chosen based on reputable feedback.

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