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New Emergency Appeal Created in Response to the London Bridge Terror Attack This Weekend

New Emergency Appeal Created in Response to the London Bridge Terror Attack This Weekend
6 June 2017 James Brooke

Following the terrorist attack in London this Saturday in which seven victims were killed and 48 more were hospitalised, the British Red Cross has set up a second emergency appeal fund on the fundraising platform JustGiving to support the victims and their families called the UK Solidarity Fund.

The appeal has already raised over £70,000 and been supported by over 3,000 people. All proceeds from this fund will support those affected by the terrorist events in London and Manchester and any similar incidents in the future in the UK.

The page reads: “In the aftermath of the recent devastating terror attacks in the UK, people have united to support and help each other. The generosity and kindness shown by the public has been overwhelming.

“By donating to our UK Solidarity Fund, you can show you stand together with those affected by these attacks.”

On Saturday June 4th three terrorists attacked the area around London Bridge and Borough Market, causing multiple fatalities and scores of injuries. Three Metropolitan Police Officers and one Transport Police Officer were also injured during the attack.

It comes just weeks after the British Red Cross set up the JustGiving page We Love Manchester Emergency Fund to help victims of the Manchester Arena attack which has raised £1,335,417, to date and saw the huge memorial concert performed this weekend led by Ariana Grande and a host of A-list artists.

A number of JustGiving pages have already been set up to support those affected by the London Bridge attack this weekend, including three JustGiving pages for a member of the British Transport Police who was seriously injured trying to stop the terrorists.

Serving police officer David Parratt who set up the page said:

“A colleague of mine from the British Transport Police was seriously injured as he went towards the danger in order to try and stop these terrorists in their tracks. Sadly he is currently in hospital and likely to be some time before he returns to work.

“As a police officer, myself and many colleagues have been affected by what has happened and devastated to hear that one of our own has ended up risking his life and shown an incredible amount of bravery attempting to stop these terrorists. He confronted them and played his part in trying to slow them down.”

Ruck Rugby who set up the JustGiving page said:

“The on-duty British Transport Police (BTP) officer/rugby player, whose name has not been released, reportedly took on all three terrorists until the savage trio stabbed him in the face, leg and head. He was rushed to hospital following his heroic efforts and is said to be in a stable condition…

“To show our appreciation for the brave rugby-playing policeman who’s selfless act defending the public in the London Bridge terror attack saved countless lives, RUCK has teamed up with Rugby Pass​ and Rugby Union Reddit to raise money for him and his family during his recovery. 100% of the money raised will go to him in some capacity!”

“This page has been created to try and spread a little love and inspiration for the hero British Transport Police Police Officer that turned up Single crewed, out manned and with the little kit he had on him decided to face the armed and extremely dangerous people who were hell bent on causing devastation.

“He ran into the danger when everybody else was running away, he put his life on the line for people he had never met before. A selfless and brave decision. I am a current serving Police officer and so is my brother, we have thought of creating this page so this Hero gets some recognition for his actions, I for one believe this man should never have to pay for a beer again amongst other things.”

Jane Jacob who set up the appeal for victim Roy Larner said on the JustGiving page:

“Roy got caught up in the terror attack at London Bridge and was badly injured whilst protecting lives. He is now in St. Thomas’s hospital in intensive care. A Millwall supporter and in my mind a proper hero and deserves our support and aid to help him on his recovery.”

Rhys Goode, spokesperson for JustGiving, said:  “JustGiving is based just moments away from London Bridge and Borough – our staff walk through the area every day. This awful attack, so close to us, has shocked us all. All our thoughts and best wishes go out to those affected.”

To support the appeal, please visit

The Met Police have established two emergency numbers for members of the public to use if they are concerned about a loved one, the two phone numbers are: 0800 096 1233 or 020 7158 0197.

Further advice and support can be found via the dedicated Home Office page located here.

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Notes to Editors
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