Rooster Culture – How We Embrace Travel

Rooster Culture – How We Embrace Travel
13th April 2017 James Brooke

Rooster Culture – How We Embrace Travel

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Spreading our wings for a broader perspective on business.

At Rooster, we have the privilege of working with inspiring travel brands from across the world. It’s no surprise that in the office there’s a constant source of wanderlust, with stacks of travel mags, treats from abroad and murmurs of upcoming travel plans, and of course, the chance to take press trips (and show off some of our fab photos on the company blog and Instagram account).

We understand that in order to inspire people about our clients, whether selling in photos of the dreamy beaches of our Maldivian client Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts, inviting media to sample the craft beer scene in St Pete/Clearwater, or disrupting the world of low-cost transatlantic air travel for WOW air, we firmly believe in the importance of having well-travelled workers to keep travel both our business and our passion.

And what a well-travelled bunch we turned out to be! A quick poll of the office showed that as an agency we’ve ventured to 6 continents and almost 100 countries (92, but we’ll pass the 100 mark by the time the clocks go back), from popular destinations to the more obscure corners of the globe. Only 104 countries to go and we’ll have conquered the world… Take a look at some of the places we’ve been to here on our Instagram account.

Travel gives us the knowledge and inquisitiveness that makes us great PRs. It teaches us to be adaptable, quick thinkers and encourages every one of us to meet new people and understand different cultures, but also appreciate the things that unite all people.

Another upshot of our experience in growing travel organisations is developing the skill of delivering big, meaningful results on compact budgets, helping turn previously unknown brands into ones to be reckoned with. Not only has this helped us maintain our position as one of the best-rated agencies serving the sector, but has given us a big advantage as we’ve applied the same winning formula across the B2B, tech, lifestyle and fundraising clients.

As for the travel work, we understand there is of course more to life than press trips – though they are a great part of the job! We provide clients with the reassurance of our expertise and credibility, and get amazing results to prove it. We create stories based on audience, product and media insights, thinking of new and creative ways to tell stories and communicate messages with a genuine passion for travel that makes us appeal to brands and journalists alike.

After all, there’s nothing better to keep a team inspired than by seeing the world. Now to get back to our Instagram galleries and plot our next adventures.

By Rachel Sewell & Jo Kendall