Five Cures for Glasto FOMO

Five Cures for Glasto FOMO
12th April 2017 James Brooke

Five Cures for Glasto FOMO

What To Do If You Couldn’t Get a Ticket.

If your heart was set on Glastonbury this year and is now shattered into a million fragments of despair because you couldn’t get tickets, don’t worry. Since the odds of getting in are about the same as Ed Sheeran releasing an unpopular song, you can assume there are plenty of others like you.

As luck would have it, the experts at StudentUniverse are here to cheer you up by sharing some of the amazing experiences you can have for the same money you would have spent on Glasto.

But how much would that have been? Let’s do some sums. There’s the ticket – about £250. The cost of getting there and back – £50. A tent, sleeping bag, and cattle prod to deter 4am prowlers with unhealthy sexual ambitions – £50. Five days’ spending money – about £200. You probably would have been looking at around £600 in total.

And now let’s have a look at the kinds of things you could spend that money on instead. Things that – dare we say it – might be even more enjoyable than queuing for ludicrously grim portable toilets in knee-deep mud, with sweat-matted hair, and black fingernails, while hearing “…I’m in love with your boooody…” waft over from the main stage.

Head bang in Bangkok (3 nights)

Thailand’s capital city is one of the most exhilarating places on earth, and only a 12-hour flight away, which isn’t that much longer than it takes to set up a tent in the rain and mud. You can pick up return flights for around £450 on StudentUniverse, and 3* accommodation in the centre of the city for around £10 per night. If you dine on street food (it’s amazing, you should) your food costs will be about £7.50 per day. This leaves you with £100 spending money. And that should be more than enough, with large beers costing around £1, and major attractions usually costing around £2.

Hungary for something different? (4 nights)

Glastonbury may be great and everything you’ve ever dreamed of (sorry, we know it’s still raw) but there are other festivals, y’know. Like Sziget, in Budapest, the eclectic capital of Hungary. It takes place on Obudai-sziget (try telling a taxi driver that after 10 beers), an island on the river that runs through the city, and features a huge variety of musical genres. Our four-day Sziget Festival Experience tour is just £359 and includes two full-day passes to the event, a walking tour of Budapest and four nights’ accommodation. You can pick up return flights for around £180.

Uncork in New York (3 nights)

Return flights to the Big Apple can be found for about £350 on StudentUniverse, and if you don’t mind bedding down in a dorm for your stay, you can sleep for around £30 per night. This leaves you about £150 for spending money, which is definitely the shoestring end of a budget in New York. But hell, who cares, you’re in New York! It doesn’t cost anything to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (a classic experience) or to stroll through Central Park, or to gawp in wonder at the flashing lights of Times Square.

Oktoberfest: Munich to Your Ears (3 nights)

Literally the world’s biggest party (in your face, Glasto), Oktoberfest attracts a whopping 7m revellers every year. You can join our Oktoberfest Festmeister tour for as little as £140, and that includes three nights’ camping accommodation, three breakfasts and a trip leader. Return flights can be found for about £100, leaving you enough money for a lot of beer, a lot of bratwurst, and a lot of pretzels. Who needs mud?

A sojourn in Sydney (possibly the rest of your life)

Okay, a slight caveat to this one, in that it’s based on a one-way ticket, which you can buy for about £450. But moving swiftly on, have you seen the Opera House? And Sydney Harbour? And those beaches? Combine your flight with an Australian Working Holiday visa (about £250) and an intro package, and you’ll be slightly over your budget, but you’ll soon make that money back, and a whole lot more after securing paid employment. Speak to us and we’ll make it happen.

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