Webgains Develops Cognitive Strategy to Reinvent Affiliate Marketing in Partnership with IBM Watson

Webgains Develops Cognitive Strategy to Reinvent Affiliate Marketing in Partnership with IBM Watson
13th March 2017 James Brooke

Webgains Develops Cognitive Strategy to Reinvent Affiliate Marketing in Partnership with IBM Watson

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Webgains is the first in the industry to bolster engagement across the performance marketing value chain with AI technology.

International affiliate marketing network, Webgains, has partnered with IBM Watson to develop cognitive solutions that will help online retailers advertise more intelligently. Webgains is the first in the performance marketing industry to harness IBM Watson cognitive technologies in order to increase both the efficiency and efficacy of digital ad placement.

Utilising artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, Webgains will ensure clients are able to present the most timely and relevant content across a strategic range of digital publishing partners.

Richard Dennys, CEO, Webgains commented: “The introduction of AI into Webgains’ suite of technology enables clients, publishers and staff to have more flexibility. Our account managers will have the tools to enhance efficiency and to make more intelligent decisions which will have a real impact on client’s sales figures and ROI. This investment will make our service more valuable than ever.”

Webgains Virtual Assistant
Webgains is developing a suite of products and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) with IBM. The first phase will see Webgains develop a Virtual Assistant to support staff and clients with front line customer service tasks. The product will utilise APIs from the IBM Watson Developer Cloud portfolio including Watson Conversation, AlchemyLanguage, Retrieve and Rank, and Tone Analyzer. The Virtual Assistant is designed to improve response time and efficiency, helping with basic tasks and questions as well as uploading promotional assets and assisting with invoices. It will be trained in English, German, French and Spanish.

Learning over time, the Virtual Assistant will allow Webgains to analyse customer intent and trends in order to feed learnings into future service. Webgains will build, test, configure and train the Virtual Assistant in conjunction with IBM Enterprise Services to maximize the full potential of AI within a high-growth organization.

The second phase will see Webgains focus on intelligent ad placement. By processing extensive data including prevailing external trends, web queries, user data and social media analysis, Webgains’ valuable insight will enable brands and retailers to make more informed decisions for their digital marketing strategies.


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About Webgains
Founded in 2005, Webgains is an international, result-driven performance marketing company headquartered in the UK. Offering a pay-by-performance service, Webgains focuses on driving sales right off the page, harnessing voucher and cashback sites, price comparison and shopping sites, search, retargeting, remarketing, call tracking, content publishing, blogging, tweeting, email marketing and more.

Webgains operates in 14 markets internationally and currently represents affiliate marketing programmes for over 2,000 brands including Nike, Mothercare, Samsung, Ann Summers, LoveHoney, Snow&Rock and Cotsworld Outdoor, promoting offers and deals across over 250,000 publishers. Webgains is pioneering Powerfeed, the world’s most powerful digital assistant in the affiliate marketplace today.

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