Be Proud, Be Brave, Stand Out, Speak Up: #BeBoldForChange

Be Proud, Be Brave, Stand Out, Speak Up: #BeBoldForChange
8th March 2017 James Brooke

Be Proud, Be Brave, Stand Out, Speak Up: #BeBoldForChange

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As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we spoke to some of our female team about their strengths, proudest achievements, learnings as a woman in PR, tips for others and future ambitions.

Kara Godfrey, Social Media Executive

“I’m extremely proud to have created an interview series with a group of inspirational women including a 7/7 survivor, a sexual assault victim, a refugee, and a transgender solider. These are some of the strongest women I’ve ever had the privilege to meet.”

Libby Allan, Senior Account Executive

“For women wanting to get into PR: be confident, be outgoing, make yourself heard, always network and always voice your ideas.”

Rachel Sewell, Senior Account Executive

“Support and lift others up rather than putting other women down. Don’t focus solely on your own successes and never underestimate the value of a positive outlook.”

Yasmine Triana, Senior Account Manager

“I was once told by a boss that I would never be taken seriously if I didn’t wear more makeup or dresses. Sadly women often have to fight harder just to be acknowledged. I’m proud to have ignored her, proved my worth and fought my way to where I am now.”

Aaryn Vaughan, Account Executive

“As an American working in the UK, moving halfway across the world is something I’m most proud of doing. My mum is always inspiring me, having run her own business and working across three different industries; she is even currently backpacking around Argentina!”

Melissa Hobson, Senior Account Director

“To #BeBoldForChange is to embrace doing something outside your comfort zone as that’s when we do our best work. Having to fight harder than our male counterparts to make our voice and opinion heard is a problem we shouldn’t have to face.”

Katie Raby, Account Manager

“My greatest professional achievement is getting into PR without a degree after being told by recruiters it would never happen. I’m inspired by people who have worked hard to achieve success and made a career out of something they love.”

Natalie Garland, Senior Account Executive

“I recommend others to stand out and make others remember you for the right reasons. Always speak up!”

At Rooster PR, we’re proud to have such determined and focused women driving our business forward.

We champion gender equality in our work, and are delighted that Rooster client Women In Travel has been granted status as a registered social enterprise, Community Interest Company (CIC).

By The Rooster Team