Blue Monday – myth or PR magic?

Blue Monday – myth or PR magic?
16th January 2017 James Brooke

Blue Monday – myth or PR magic?

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According to a not-so scientific PR stunt several years ago, the third Monday of January is considered the most depressing day of the year. Without looking into the ‘facts’, most people are able to assume the logic behind the day – Christmas is over, you’re still broke while desperately waiting for the next pay day, you’re gasping for a glass of wine after a couple of weeks on ‘Dry January’ and you’re already bored of, or given up on your New Year’s resolutions.

Blue Monday is the perfect example of a PR or marketing stunt that can be taken advantage of year after year, especially in the UK. It was former New York Times journalist Eric Weiner who once claimed Brits are never happier than when at their most miserable. If that were to be true, Blue Monday should be the day that Brits revel in the most.

The proof is in the PR stunts. Brands and retailers are cleverly jumping on-board with the Blue Monday doom and gloom, offering ways in which Brits can have an excuse to cheer themselves up. Whether it’s free food, free access to gym sessions, cheap flights or special retail promotions, Blue Monday stunts are growing every year.

So if you’re offering any product or service that could be considered as a treat then make sure you’re ahead of the game. Analyse your sales from last year; which were the most the popular? How can you remind your customers to affordably pamper themselves ahead of pay day? How does your brand or product stand out from the rest to cheer people up on Blue Monday? Or even – how can you boost morale in your office?

January is a tough month for many of us, so as long as promotions keep coming, Blue Monday is fine by me to get us through.

By Yasmine Triana