Rooster Away Day & Annual Christmas Bash!

Rooster Away Day & Annual Christmas Bash!
1st December 2016 James Brooke

Rooster Away Day & Annual Christmas Bash!

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Following a cracking year of client campaigns and agency development, the Rooster team packed their bags and headed to Surrey to celebrate the holiday season! However, this was not your average country weekend away, the team was set for a day of team building, internal brainstorms and a hilarious, but highly competitive, mock-pitch.

Set on the idyllic location of Ridge Farm Studios, a 16th century farmhouse and former recording studio tucked between the Surrey-Sussex hills, we discussed the values, promise and direction of Rooster PR – ensuring everyone in the organisation had a say in the future development of the agency.

The day was topped off with fun and creative mock-pitches to a ‘potential’ client (consisting of our CEO, MD and Creative Director), presenting our ideas for a new hybrid fruit product that would be hitting the UK marketplace in the New Year. Each team approached the brief differently, some using humour and performance skills to win over the panel of judges, while others prepared a more serious pitch looking at facts and figures to put together their campaign.

After a hard fought pitch process, team ‘GRAFT’ was awarded the business and a company-wide celebration with generous helpings of prosecco and a full roast dinner ensued. While it’s safe to say that the team enjoyed the party (into the early hours!), the away day proved beneficial for everyone to take stock, review 2016 and plan for the year ahead.

Here’s to 2017!

By Aaryn Vaughan