Stunts of the Month – September

Stunts of the Month – September
3rd October 2016 James Brooke

Stunts of the Month – September

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Summer may be over but the PR stunts keep on coming and it’s been a busy month of entertaining and creative campaigns…

Brad and Angelina separate

The biggest news to shock the British public this month (aside from the Bake Off move we won’t mention) was the announcement of Brangelina’s divorce. While most people were in mourning, one brand saw the perfect promotional opportunity as Madame Tussauds followed suit and separated their own waxworks of the celebrity pair. The models of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were unveiled side by side at the London attraction in 2013 to celebrate Brad’s 50th birthday, but have now been moved a ‘respectful’ distance from one another. Angelina is now keeping Nicole Kidman company while Brad Pitt is with his co-star Morgan Freeman.

Silent Snacks

TodayTix, an on-demand theatre ticket app, launched the world’s first ‘silent’ snack range in a bid to combat noisy snackers in the theatre. In collaboration with food developers Teatime Productions, the range includes pear and apple fruit slices to replace crisps, ‘muffled truffles’ instead of chewy chocolates and gas-free drink bottles. No more rustling of sweet bags in your ear as the snacks are packed up in material pouches to give fellow theatre-goers peace and quiet during performances.
The range was developed to promote TodayTix’s research which found that more than half of Brits (54%) said rustling food wrappers are more annoying than latecomers to a show, while 36% are self-conscious about eating during a theatre performance for fear of disrupting people around them.

Recycled trainers

At a time when the environment is top of everyone’s priorities, sports brand adidas is doing its bit and has created new trainers made entirely from recycled plastic ocean waste. The project was in partnership with Parley for the Oceans and has seen adidas launch a competition for 50 fans to win a pair of the limited edition trainers.

Getting a ‘pizza’ the action

You’ve just finished your takeaway pizza and are about to throw the box into the recycling bin, but wait, why not use it for your own entertainment and start DJ-ing with it? Pizza Hut has unveiled takeaway turntables and created a working set of DJ decks printed onto its boxes.
The box was developed with technology brand Nevalia and comes printed with decks, pitch volumes and, of course, scratch disks. In a clever marketing ploy, there are only five boxes available across Pizza Hut’s 350 restaurants nationwide and they are available by collection only. Luckily they come in a separate box to your pizza to avoid greasy hands.

By Natalie Garland