Apps We Love – Asana

Apps We Love – Asana
22nd August 2016 James Brooke

Apps We Love – Asana

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Every day, many a new app is launched, but successful ones are few and far between – particularly when it comes to apps that can help businesses on a practical basis.

Most businesses now have a social media presence and these platforms and apps mean companies can stay in touch with their customers at all times, no matter where they are around the globe.

But not all business apps are about increasing brand awareness, courting loyalty or offering an additional platform for customer service. There are many background apps available which are essentially making the running of a business more efficient and effective too, and here’s an example of how…

Asana is a project management app that is free for teams of up to 15 people to use. Projects can be set-up and managed through the app, allowing users to create to do lists, attach useful documents, set up brainstorms, share notes and communicate on project progress.

Graphs are used to indicate where you are in terms of progress to where you should be, through tasks being marked as ‘complete’ by individuals on the team. Said tasks can also be assigned to different team mates, making it clear on who is responsible for what and members can be alerted when the job has been started or complete.

The app also makes it easier to access any information or documents on specific projects, as everything is saved in one place, meaning users don’t have to trawl through inboxes and filing systems on servers to find what they need.

The project’s history is also stored, so users can go back and see what worked successfully and where there was a need for improvement.

Asana is just one of many apps being used for everyday business tasks, and as we see the continuing shift of companies ‘going digital’ grow, could the dream of being able to run a business from the luxury of a white sand beach be getting closer? Hopefully – just so long as you have a portable charger for your device!

By Katie Raby