Stunts We Love – July/August

Stunts We Love – July/August
5th August 2016 James Brooke

Stunts We Love – July/August

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Summer is in full swing and with it brings a host of entertaining stunts! This month we’ve included some of our favourite wacky, creative, or just plain cute PR ploys.

Push for Pub – KOZEL’s free beer giveaway
Ever experienced that post-lunch office slump? The afternoon lags on and even the most motivated of employees find their eyelids beginning to droop. Well, KOZEL has an app for that. Last month the Czech beer brand launched its “Tap Out” button which with one push will transport beer lovers and a lucky friend to the closest pub for two free pints. The catch? The pubs must serve KOZEL, but with over a hundred options around the UK, it’s any easy excuse to escape the office. Those not lucky enough to trial the button can use KOZEL’s Pint Finder App to snag two free pints instead.

Pose for Pup – Doggy selfies storm the web
The team behind Twilio, the cloud communications platform, has joined forces with Arduino Yún, in an adorable stunt to teach your pup to take selfies. Through an easy step-by-step guide Twilio instructs you how to install a device using the Adruino Yún chip and some simple programming. The setup prompts your pup to place their paw on a button which will then snap a selfie of them to send to you over text. The trick is in the training, as even the most obedient of pups will need multiple treats as prompts to snap a selfie.

Who You Gonna Call? – Ghost Busters takes over Waterloo
With the launch of the Ghost Busters remake in July, Waterloo Station gets an eerie makeover. Led by Sony Studios, the station was transformed to house the biggest sculpture yet for a film campaign — a giant Stay Puft breaking through the floor. Green slime also dotted the station and ‘dripped’ from the ceiling to encapsulate the Ghost Busters feel. A pop-up store modelled after a New York subway entrance sold merchandise and tickets to fans, while a team of actors dressed as the Ghost Buster squad burst through the station, surrounding Stay Puft and posing for photo opps.

Greenpeace calls for UK to #comeclean following Brexit
In a nod to the UK vote to leave EU, Greenpeace took over the former “Brexit battle bus”, and replaced its previous message with calls for truth. The bus, which carried the leave campaigners “we send the EU £350 million a week, let’s fund our NHS instead,” claim, will now carry the words TIME FOR TRUTH spelled out in montage of questions from both leave and remain voters. The campaign appeals to Theresa May and cabinet to #comeclean on the truth following the outcome of Brexit.

By Aaryn Vaughan