Apps We Love – Citymapper

Apps We Love – Citymapper
27th June 2016 James Brooke

Apps We Love – Citymapper

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Living in an ever-growing city means that we are constantly striving to find the most efficient routes to our destinations – whether for work, a meeting, or simply catching-up with friends.

As the landscape of the city shifts from ongoing construction and transportation improvements, such as Crossrail, it’s easy to get tangled in a web of constant delays, disruptions and diversions. As many Londoners know, just closing a major road can cause chaos and waste hours of time. This not only dampens your day but can be easily avoided in the first place.

Citymapper is an app that is indispensable to anyone navigating London, or other cities, using public transport, bike or travelling by foot. With a swift tap of your phone, the app accounts for delays, route disruptions and allows someone who is alien to a city to cruise to their destination with (relative) ease.

In fact, the latest feature to be added on the app gives the option to calculate the best route using ferry or Uber, comparing prices and times of all transport options. No more worrying about being late for a meeting or getting lost in a new city!

By Sunita Ghalley