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Looking for Romance in 2016? Download the App

Looking for Romance in 2016? Download the App
21 April 2016 James Brooke

British daters are more likely to use dating apps to find love than sex.

Brand new online YouGov research commissioned by dating app Ciao Date has revealed that British daters are looking to their smartphone for romance, as they are more likely to use dating apps to find someone to settle down with (20 per cent), than to have a one night stand (13 per cent). As the media takes to reporting on the alleged rise of ‘half night stands’, the survey results are combatting the common conception that dating apps are nothing more than a tool for a quick hook-up.

Of the daters surveyed, 20 per cent said that they are interested in using dating apps to find someone to settle down with, compared to 13 per cent who said they would use dating apps to have one night stands. Furthermore, 35 per cent agreed that some dating apps are a legitimate way of seeking a serious relationship.

Whilst the twenty-first century dating scene has seen many dating apps develop reputations for being used as a route to one night stands rather than long-term relationships, the survey results show that British daters feel that the App Store might well be one of the most romantic places to go in the search for a long-term partner. With a third agreeing that dating apps are a legitimate way to find love, founder of Ciao Date, Alex Ziff, predicts that there will be more of this to come over the next ten years.

“The common perception of dating apps initially was that they’re only useful for one thing. However, now that the apps on our smartphones become more embedded into our daily lives, daters are capitilising on modern technology in their search for ‘The One’. Our survey results show that currently over a fifth (21 per cent) of British daters surveyed online enjoy and will continue to use dating apps until they find someone, and I believe that number will increase exponentially over the next decade.”

Ciao Date allows people to filter matches based on age, location, date activity and budget, which gives a new level of control to the dating app market, resulting in the best possible matches. Alex believes that despite the view apps can be clinical and don’t accomodate old school romance, Ciao Date utilises technology to bring people closer together.

“At Ciao Date we prioritise bringing together people who enjoy doing the same things, have similar values and date in a location accessible for both of them. This hands new levels of control to the user and results in the best matches. The British public are starting to embrace technology in their hunt for romance which I think is entirely appropriate; meeting a like-minded person that you might never have met, for an activity that you both enjoy doing – what could be more romantic than that?”

To find out more about the Ciao Date check out the website.


Notes to Editors:
All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. Total sample size was 2,044 adults, of which 302 were daters*. Fieldwork was undertaken between 29 January – 1 February 2016. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all GB adults (aged 18+).
*Daters were defined as those who said they were ‘interested in dating and looking to find someone to settle down with’ or ‘interested in dating, but not looking at settling down with someone anytime soon’


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About Ciao Date
Ciao Date is the most exciting new dating app on the market and has a number of key features differentiating it from other dating apps. These include the ability to decide who pays for a date up front; choose whether you want to host a date, be taken on a date, or share the costs. Either way, you’re able to get the awkward money conversation out of the way. Ciao Date also matches daters based on shared interests and desired activities, and the user can choose a specific location to date within.
Unlike other dating apps, Ciao Date does not use phone tracking technology, meaning the user’s location is protected unless they choose to share it with someone. Instead, the user can select the geographic areas they wish to date in without automatically disclosing their whereabouts.

Ciao Date aims to bring romance to modern technology by bringing people closer together through successful matches, dispelling the myth that dating apps are clinical or only useful for quick hook-ups. Regardless of gender or sexual preference, all users can enjoy the journey to finding a long-term partner with Ciao Date.

Ciao Date has been developed by Alexander Ziff, in London, and is now free to download from the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).