Stunts of the Month – April Fools’ Edition

Stunts of the Month – April Fools’ Edition
16th April 2016 admin_rooster

Stunts of the Month – April Fools’ Edition

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Every year PRs meticulously plan the wonderful day that is 1st April. A day where they can let loose and have some fun with a brand. In the flurry of stunts, cleverly crafted news releases taking months of careful planning, only a few make it to the grand stage that is the national dailies.

Here are some of our favourites that got us talking – enjoy!

River Island’s Tote in a Coat
Since the 5p bag tax was implemented last October, the cursed cycle of forgetting-to-remember bags began for many Brits. The guilt settled in and the secret disdain for those clever (and organised) enough to whip out their own method of purchased goods transportation at the checkout was apparent. On 1st April, River Island unveiled their solution to the shopping dilemma, the #ToteInACoat. A black bomber jacket with two canvas bags attached to the inside of the sleeves – genius!

An April Fool that is both fashionable and practical – what’s not to love?

Ask any child their favourite lunchtime snack and Penguin bars must rank in the top 5. Chocolate and a joke – heaven for a primary schooler.

Always looking forward, McVitie’s shifted their strategy for choosing their classic jokes. Why get a human to pick when a penguin would not only fit with the brand but, of course, have an excellent sense of humour. Yes, the keepers at Birdland in Bourton-on-the-Water had the lucky job of watching over the penguins’ while they carefully undertook the challenge of finding the ideal gag for these bars of joy. Apparently, this was the penguins’ pick of the day:

Q. How does a penguin build its house?
A. Igloos it together!

Talk about living the brand! McVitie’s nailed this year’s April Fools’ with something for all ages.

Lastly, a quick mention to a special stunt from the Rooster team for the Spanish Tourist Office for the amazing #Sangria4Life April Fool highlighting that the deliciously addictive tipple, Sangria, was in fact good for you. After seven years of research, a team from the ‘University of South Midlands’ discovered that it boosts the immune system thanks to all the antioxidants and vitamin C. All captured in a creatively crafted video. A joke we all wished desperately to be true…

As a PR, April Fools’ is an exciting time of year. Though the preparation is at times challenging, it is worth it when we, as an industry, can see the buzz we can create through hard work, creativity and fun.

Until next year!

By Sunita Ghalley and Lauren Senior