Apps We Love: Deliveroo

Apps We Love: Deliveroo
6th April 2016 admin_rooster

Apps We Love: Deliveroo

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How Deliveroo saved my week…

The end of the working week always brings a complicated dilemma; do I go and indulge myself with my favourite Dim Sum in Brixton Village or do I stay in with Netflix and order an average to poor Japanese takeaway? Due to the nature of a working week in the PR industry, the latter option can often seem more appealing, although until recently, our taste buds may not have agreed.

Problem solved! Founded in 2013, the innovative delivery service Deliveroo has partnered with your favourite local restaurants to provide a fast and reliable service, straight to your front door. They individually pick a selection of top quality restaurants, ensure there is always a variety of food types on offer and have an average waiting time of 32 minutes.

The website and app has taken London by storm and not only is the idea a stroke of genius, we also love their social media presence and tone of voice.

By Sarah Sullivan