London’s Best Burger

London’s Best Burger
10th March 2016 James Brooke

London’s Best Burger

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Every PR agency needs to have its finger on the pulse on local restaurants for client and journalist meetings but rarely do these involve burger joints, unfortunately… However, any journalists or prospective clients out there who’d like to meet at a burger joint have come to the right place. Here’s our rundown of our top 3 (not including the far east of London – although we know there are great places around there we’re keeping it local!).

Dip & Flip
Probably the least known venue on our list but potentially the greatest of the lot. This Clapham Junction venue (they’re also in Wimbledon and Tooting) serves one of London’s most outrageous burgers – the Dip & Flip Burger.

Featuring a patty on a bed of slaw, mustard and pickles and topped with cheese along with either sliced roast beef or lamb dunked in gravy. It’s ridiculous, but you discover after a few bites that it’s just so right.

The other burgers are great too, including the green chilli burger and the sizes are ideal, who knew squeezy cheese had a place in 21st century dining?!

Patty & Bun
It took a long time for us to try this place out, normally opting for Honest Burgers which is relatively similar. Upon finally getting down there though the place lived up to the hype – this is a great eatery when in central London with venues in Marylebone and now in Soho too amongst others. The menu’s pretty short (a feature of all mentioned here) and it seems to work in their favour.

One note about this place – the side of choice definitely isn’t fries, it’s the chicken wings – probably the best in London!

Bleecker St.
A street food classic that’s been roaming the streets and markets of London for a while now. We’re particularly lucky being just a stone’s throw from South Bank where they have a permanent site (though still a van). The burgers aren’t huge but the level of taste in the beef definitely outdoes any other burger joint we’ve tried, and any other on this list to be honest.

The ultimate Friday lunch treat is a Bleecker Black (featuring black pudding between two patties) and Angry Fries! We’ll let you head down there to discover what they are.

Notable mention to Byron from us too – the venue for at least 75% of new joiner welcome lunches, always a solid option and very, very local to our office.

So if you’re a journalist looking for a rundown of clients or a business looking for PR then get in touch and we’ll get chatting over a burger (veggies welcome, these all do a mean veggie burger too!)

By Kevan Barber