Apps We Love: Shopitize

Apps We Love: Shopitize
18th February 2016 James Brooke

Apps We Love: Shopitize

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Coupon Kid Jordan Cox made headlines last month when he flew from Sheffield to Essex (via Berlin) to save himself £7.72 on train fare. This may sound like an extremely time-consuming way to tighten the purse strings but when he mentioned he even had enough Euros leftover for a currywurst sausage at the Brandenburg Gate we knew we were missing a trick.

A quick look through Jordan’s blog on Money Saving Expert revealed numerous other money saving tips – including where to bag freebies online and how to cut the cost of your weekly shop by buying own brand products – but it was his recommendation for the cashback app Shopitize that caught our eye.

Shopitize produces a list of products on your phone. If you see one you like, you purchase it, scan the barcode on your phone, take a picture of the receipt then receive the specified cashback amount into your account. Once you have earned £5, you can withdraw it via bank transfer or PayPal. Most of the items on offer are basic products that are in your regular weekly shop – butter, milk, cheese, bread, vegetables, yoghurts and washing up liquid, plus there are seasonal offers (Lindt chocolates and Jacob’s Creek bubbly in the lead up to Valentine’s Day!).

The products are refreshed on a weekly and you can earn anything from 30p to 80p back from each purchase, meaning you can save around £10 a week. The trick is to do your regular shop and check to see if any of the items you bought were on offer – not to buy products specifically that are listed on the app.

As Tesco says – every little helps!

By Natalie Garland