Standout Film PR Stunts in 2015

Standout Film PR Stunts in 2015
20th January 2016 James Brooke

Standout Film PR Stunts in 2015

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Rooster PR picks out our top five PR stunts to promote films and documentaries in 2015.

1.    Zoolander
Remember Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson clad with coats and garish shirts strutting down the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week? Definitely a catchy way to announce the sequel to the hilarious 2001 comedy Zoolander.

2.    Ant-Man
Having an eye for detail came in handy when Ant-Man was released. Hawk-eyed members of the public who were lucky enough to spot one of the 100 ant-sized IMAX ticket around London were given free entry to see Ant-Man in the cinema. The PR stunt continued with an ant-sized film preview.

3.    Fantastic Four
Seeing a human-shaped drone set on fire and flying round the skies in New York would have been a pretty terrifying sight. The risky stunt, along with 10 firefighters, was an interesting way to promote the new Fantastic Four film.

4.    T. Rex Autopsy
A life-sized 30ft-long T. Rex dinosaur was laid out and strapped to a truck, covered in a blood-soaked sheet, and paraded around London. The dead T. Rex gave onlookers a taster of the upcoming television programme documenting how the 65 million year old dinosaur may have lived.

5.    Harry Potter
For one night only Harry Potter fans were given the chance to enjoy Christmas dinner in Hogwarts’ Great Hall at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. Proving such a success, fans can now return to the magical castle for a Valentines treat this February. Greeted with a specially concocted love potion, guests can then enjoy a three-course meal and an after-hours tour. However, there will be a hefty price tag of £247.50 each to attend!

By Libby Allan