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Embark on a ‘Finding Dory’ Adventure with Aqua-Firma

Embark on a ‘Finding Dory’ Adventure with Aqua-Firma
19 January 2016 James Brooke

With the highly-anticipated ‘Finding Nemo’ sequel, ‘Finding Dory’, hitting screens this July, fans can live their own marine adventure with wilderness travel company Aqua-Firma.

Those keen to experience marine life just like Dory can ‘meet’ one of the new characters – Destiny the whale shark – in real life. Aqua-Firma’s safe and responsible encounters offer guests the unique chance to snorkel with the biggest fish on the planet in some of the world’s most exotic locations, led by the world’s leading whale shark experts.

On Aqua-Firma’s whale shark research and photography experiences in Mexico, guests can snorkel amongst the world’s largest seasonal aggregation of whale sharks. Although large in size (reaching up to 20m), whale sharks are harmless creatures feeding mostly on plankton and interact peacefully with the marine life around them.

In Tanzania, Aqua-Firma is now the prime sponsor for whale shark research on Mafia Island – a stunning location in which to share the water with these ocean giants and enjoy some of East Africa’s most untouched coral reefs. The team sees plenty of ‘Nemos’, on those reefs! which are popularly referred to as Clownfish, or more correctly, Anemone Fish.

Hosted by leading local and international researchers including renowned marine biologists Dr Simon Pierce and Dr Chris Rohner, expeditions are focused on exploring the areas where whale sharks are known to aggregate for feeding to give the best chance of sightings.

In addition to whale sharks, guests on these expeditions can ‘meet’ Dory and Destiny’s other friends in the wild on various other Aqua-Firma experiences around the world. Bailey the beluga whale can be found in Spitsbergen and Canada; it’s possible to spot Crush and other turtles nesting and hatching in Costa Rica, Mexico and Borneo; and Nemos can be seen in a host of places including the Maldives, Seychelles & Indonesia.

Guests can also see multiple forms of marine life and hundreds of species of fish, algae, and coral across kilometres of marine protected areas.

Aqua-Firma’s Whale Shark Research & Marine Conservation Portfolio includes:

Whale Sharks of Isla Mujeres – Research & Photography Experience

  • Runs from 11–18 & 22–29 July 2016 and 21–28 July 2017, available from £1,690 per person sharing

Whale Shark Research & Conservation – Mafia Island

  • Runs from 11–19 November 2016, available from £1,890 per person

Combining beautiful coastline with expansive beaches and protected reefs, these trips are perfect for guests who want to explore the fascinating marine diversity of Tanzania or Mexico while learning from experts in the field. As Above & Below Water travel experts, clients are also invited to combine these experiences with Aqua-Firma wildlife safaris in Tanzania; and rainforest and cultural experiences in Mexico.

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About Aqua-Firma

Aqua-Firma offers opportunities for safe and responsible encounters with wildlife and marine life in wilderness locations around the planet. Its unique adventures bridge land and sea from the Equator to the Poles; and where possible brings clients into close proximity to wildlife and marine life whose conservation and research the company helps to fund. Aqua-Firma’s polar voyages contribute to carbon offset programmes which have so far helped to establish and protect rainforest and coastal reserves in Peru, Madagascar, Ecuador and Costa Rica. It tropical journeys often bring clients into uniquely close contact with whales, whale sharks, giant manta rays, turtles and other wildlife in the company of researchers the company helps to fund.

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