186 Countries in Four Days at World Travel Market

186 Countries in Four Days at World Travel Market
17th November 2015 admin_rooster

186 Countries in Four Days at World Travel Market

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It’s a tough life whizzing around the world, exploring Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the UK, all in a day’s work.

Brimming with life, WTM (World Travel Market) overwhelms the senses with an array of cultures, sounds, smells and cuisines as travelling the world becomes faster and easier than ever, hopping on and off where you like. Jumping from New Zealand to Vietnam, with a stopover in Bali, or Turkey, on to Germany with a quick break in Austria, the event connects people from around the Globe.

From Indonesian dances to enchanting angklung music, traditional Japanese outfits to virtual tours around beaches in Florida, smoothies from the Gran Canaries to henna tattoos from Marrakech, ExCel London turns into the home of 50,000 travel industry professionals for four days each November.

Despite being structurally laid out in regional sections, the mass of colours, displays and people can make locating desired countries an overwhelming and challenging process! Whilst heading to a specific destination, you can’t help be bombarded by dancers, music and enticing invitations from other countries along the way.

The spectacular travel convention is a vibrant must see business event, providing the perfect opportunity to explore what each country has to offer and an excellent chance to network with representatives from all over the world under one roof.

Generating more than £2.5 billion of travel industry contracts, WTM is a travel convention not to be missed. Start planning for next year’s event! We’ll be there as ever on behalf of a number of clients!

Libby Allan