Rooster Roundup: Apps we love this month: Dojo

Rooster Roundup: Apps we love this month: Dojo
4th November 2015 admin_rooster

Rooster Roundup: Apps we love this month: Dojo

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With email headers like ‘Want a screaming orgasm?’, ‘Puke…’ and ‘This rain though…’ it’s hard to say whether the app or weekly newsletters is the more eye-catching output from the makers of Dojo. The app is however great for Londoners and visitors to the city (and Parisians too but we’re yet to try that part of the app unfortunately).

Dojo’s tagline is ‘instantly discover London’s hidden gems’ and it does pretty much what is says on the tin through a mix of themed suggestions and location based pointers.

Each day is packed with 3-5 themes under which there are a tonne of recommendations. These might be themes like places for Halloween, Mac n Cheese, Street Food Wonders, and World’s Best Bars etc.

Then there are the categories, seen in the first screenshot above, these are vast and detailed too and based on where in the city you are – always accurate location wise and recommendation wise with ratings based on reviews from the app makers, users and media. For some, menus and booking tools are also incorporated, alongside maps of exactly where the restaurant, café, cinema, bar or even graveyard is.

There’s also Uber integration and CityMapper making it the perfect Londoners toolkit all in one.

Go check it out – iOS & Google Play

Kevan Barber