Stunts of the Month

Stunts of the Month
27th August 2015 admin_rooster

Stunts of the Month

Ice, Milk Bucket Challenge!
A simple, yet effective PR stunt took place this month following the Dairy farmers’ frustrations at the incredibly low cost of milk threatening their livelihoods. The farmers were keen to highlight their financial struggles and therefore posted videos being covered with milk (at times from the bucket of a tractor) to represent just how cheap milk is right now.

The social media campaign not only created a great deal of amusement but it also led to supermarkets such as Asda, Aldi and Morrison’s agreeing to pay farmers more for milk and the stunt featured on several media platforms including ITV.

Stroke of genius from Neutrogena & Caras Magazine
This PR stunt encompasses a great deal of creativity as well as consumer engagement; two fundamental parts towards achieving effective PR. Caras Magazine collaborated with Neutrogena for their August edition and created an interactive front cover of the magazine. The cover featured Brazilian actress Giovanna Ewbank in a full face of make-up, however, using the ‘Neutrogena Deep Clean’ wet-wipe that came with your edition you were able to sample the product and remove Giovanna’s make up leaving a flawless make-up free face. A great, visual stunt which was picked up by an array on International Press.

Sarah Sullivan