Why We Love: Canva

Why We Love: Canva
25th August 2015 admin_rooster

Why We Love: Canva

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A few weeks ago, we looked into the importance of visual content on Social Media and found that:

  • Social Media out ranks almost any other source of information globally
  • 74% of adults use some form of online platform
  • 63% of social media is now made up of images

With 1.49 billion active monthly users, Facebook continues to be the world’s largest social media channel, however it seems to have reached saturation point when it comes to growth.

According to Tech Crunch, the fastest growing platforms are Tumblr with 45% growth in members and 120% growth in active users, Pinterest comes second with 57% growth in members and 111% in active users, and celeb-fav Instagram is 3rd with 36% growth in members and 64% in active users. Furthermore, in terms of apps, Snapchat takes the lead growing by 55%. Interestingly, all of these are image sharing channels.

What’s more, if we take into consideration the popularity of social platforms, in the top 10, five are firmly based on visual content: Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr and Vine.

Now I could just keep going on and bore you with stats to show you why visual content is king but why do that when I can show you…

15-08-24, Canva - Visual Content - with sources

Voila. Isn’t she a beaut?

This graphic was created with the simple to use and insanely popular online design platform Canva.

We love Canva and use it frequently for our clients for a range of things from social media posts, to insightful infographics, to event invites and even to create stimulating Cocktail Cards. Not only does Canva help you create beautifully crafted, professional-looking graphics, but the user friendly tool is free to use. That’s right – FREE!

There is however a price-tag on the recently launched Canva for Work which allows brands to take their designs to the next level, but starting at just £6.35 ($9.95), it’s a bargain. No need to take my (or the 4.4m other users’) word for it, trial the free version and see for yourself.

… again though, why use words to tell you why Canva is so great and why it should be part of your content marketing strategy, when a simple picture will paint 1,000 words for us and help you retain 80% more info!

Here it is, enjoy!

15-08-24, Canva - Why We Love Canva