Flexible Peer-to-Peer Task App, Pickle, Launches with Offer for Londoners

Flexible Peer-to-Peer Task App, Pickle, Launches with Offer for Londoners
1st June 2015 James Brooke

Flexible Peer-to-Peer Task App, Pickle, Launches with Offer for Londoners

Win a ‘DO’ every day for a month with new on-demand task app, Pickle: Enhancing life for Londoners.

New peer-to-peer on-demand task app, Pickle, launches next Monday, 8 June 2015, as the leading task app to get anyone out of any pickle.

To celebrate the launch, Pickle is offering Londoners with a NEED the opportunity to win a person that can DO for one whole day, every day for a month following launch.* This special launch promotion can help 30 lucky users in the capital to get all those jobs done that they don’t have the time, inclination or skill to do (buying in plants for the garden, stocking up on coal for the BBQ, making cocktails for a birthday party, emptying out the cupboard under the stairs…), clearing the ‘to do’ list for a stress-free summer…

Designed for time-poor (or lazy!) Londoners (NEEDs), those interested in flexible earning options or those with a craft, skill or trade to offer (DOs), Pickle enables users to get help with any task imaginable (so long as it’s clean… It’s a family company!).

From picking up a pint of milk, sewing on a button or building pesky flat-packed furniture, to jazzing up your wedding speech or painting a family portrait, Pickle connects anyone that is happy to pay for help with odd (and not-so-odd) jobs, to locals (skilled or simply willing) who are available to lend a hand, on-demand.

What’s unique about this app is its ability to enhance users’ lives. Not just about fixing plumbing or electrics, what sets Pickle apart is the flexibility to post small, everyday, or even outlandish tasks. Getting the jobs done that you hate, can’t or won’t do, Pickle buys you time.

Pickle is the only task app to offer no fixed pricing structure. Its live auction system allows DOs to bid for jobs, giving them an all-important competitive edge, and enables NEEDs to negotiate costs to ensure they get the best value for money.

Providing more job categories than competitor apps (including ‘miscellaneous’ for all those random needs) and with the lowest minimum job value on the market, set at only £5, Pickle is the most flexible peer-to-peer task app in the UK. Its mission: to make life easier for everyone.

It is also the safest of its kind on the market today. With an innovative ‘brief my buddy’ feature, Pickle allows NEEDs and DOs alike to inform pre-nominated personal contacts of the peer profiles, timings, locations and details of each job carried out, at the tap of a button. This integrated function will afford users complete peace of mind and reinforces other in-app safeguards such as an optional verification process, a bank account based background check to confirm identity and a Pickle rating system, which allows users (both NEEDs and DOs) to evaluate each other on job completion based on their experience of working together. These ratings are public to all viewers and help to boost user profiles and credibility based on factors such as honesty, reliability or expertise.

Creator and Founder, Daneh Westropp, said of the launch: “As a busy working mum, I often found myself needing a hand with jobs I didn’t know how to do or didn’t have the time to do. Equally, as a freelancer, I understand the benefits an app such as Pickle can provide in terms of finding opportunities to further or supplement a career or income.”

“Connecting people ‘in a pickle’ with willing members of the local community – students, craftsmen, designers, tradesmen, or anyone happy to help out for a fee – Pickle provides a one-stop-marketplace for instant, local business in just a few taps. Our aim is to help Londoners share problems to solve problems.”

Launching with a London focus (as that’s where the 1,500 strong – and growing – community of Pickle DOs are currently based), the potential Pickle footprint is global. Pickle plans to expand the reach of its brand and product beyond the UK within two years from launch.

With integrated GPS and designed with ease of use in mind, Pickle offers a truly streamlined user experience. The app uses third-party payment developer, Stripe, facilitating in-app payments for every job, eliminating the need for cash or the tedious inputting of credit card details.

Available now in the App and Play Stores, the new Pickle App is free to download.

For your chance to win a ‘DO’ for a day, simply download the Pickle iPhone app or Android app, register and follow instructions to enter the draw. 

For more information or to download the Pickle app, please visit: www.wearepickle.com

*T&Cs: Users can enter the “Win a ‘DO’ every day for a month” draw from the App launch date on Monday 8 June until the launch promotion closes on Tuesday 7 July. Winners will be drawn at random and announced on Pickle’s Facebook and Twitter pages every day from Monday 8 June until Tuesday 7 July, allowing for 30 Pickle winners to enjoy having their own DO for a whole day. For the purpose of this promotion, DOs will be available between 9am and 10pm, as required by the NEED, and for a total of 8 consecutive hours only. Winners will be required to complete a brief e-questionnaire detailing the main or most specialist tasks required of the DO, plus preferred dates and timings. Pickle will source a suitable DO according to the requirements specified therein. Winners must reside in Greater London and book their DO within six months of winning.


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About Pickle:
Launching on 8 June 2015, Pickle is a peer-to-peer on demand task app that enables users to get help with any job imaginable at a price set or negotiated by them.

Pickle connects anyone happy to pay for help with odd or not-so-odd jobs (NEEDs), to willing locals who are available to lend a hand, on-demand (DOs).

It is the first and most flexible peer-to-peer task app in the UK. Unlike other task apps on the market, Pickle has no fixed pricing structure. A live auction system allows DOs to bid for jobs (giving everyone that competitive edge) and NEEDs to negotiate costs to ensure the best value for money.

With more job categories than competitor apps, including cooking, packing, translation, nails or dog walking, as well as ‘miscellaneous’ for all those random needs, Pickle gives users complete freedom to post any job, anytime. No matter how outlandish or seemingly mundane the task, Pickle will find someone to do it.

The Pickle minimum job value is set at only £5. Considerably lower than other apps on the market, this also allows for complete flexibility in the type of job request posted.

Pickle works for anyone wanting to help get people out of pickles. Employed, self-employed, unemployed, students, skilled, non-skilled, creative, muscular or simply with two hands and willing to lend one (or both)… No need to be a tradesman or a fully trained chef. Pickle is the perfect pocket-money spinner, provides the perfect moonlighting solution, whilst also having the potential to generate a hefty wage for ‘Professional Picklers’ who dedicate themselves to helping others in their community.

With integrated GPS and designed with ease of use in mind, Pickle offers a truly streamlined user experience.

How it works. In a nutshell:

  • Download the Pickle app and register
  • Open the app, post your location on the Pickle map
  • Post your job, timeframe and name you price
  • Watch and wait while fixers bid for your job
  • Accept an offer
  • Once the job is complete; pay via the app and rate your fixer

Download the Pickle iPhone app from http://apple.co/1MMYHfd, or Android app from http://bit.ly/1PC3Rds.