8 Reasons Why Ibiza Outshines a UK Music Festival

8 Reasons Why Ibiza Outshines a UK Music Festival
19th May 2015 James Brooke

8 Reasons Why Ibiza Outshines a UK Music Festival

Luckily for our music festival scene, Brits are known for making the best of a rainy situation. But sometimes it’s hard to remember why we pay hundreds of pounds to sleep in dirt when we could be jetting to the Ibizan sunshine for a week of crazy parties and summer memories…

Here Together Travel shares the top reasons why you’d be crazy to stay away from Ibiza this year:

  1. My tent or yours? Like choosing between a rock and, well, a very hard place. We’d much prefer a nice soft mattress, aircon and curtains, thank you very much.
  2.  Camping means weird food combinations, and there are only so many beans you can eat. The thought of cocktails on the loungers at Ocean Beach followed by freshly made paella for only €5 sounds pretty good to us – and our stomachs.
  3. Dare we be an English stereotype and mention the weather? Yes, we do dare. It will inevitably rain here, causing chaos as tents sink, worldly possessions float past and teenage girls weep as their Hunter wellies actually get muddy. Switch this scene for one of palm trees, balmy air and flipflops… Better right?
  4. Hiding warm beer and cheap wine in your pockets while sneaking past security is hardly the best way to get the party started. Ibiza party style involves ice-cold beer, cocktails in every flavour and shots more colourful than a rainbow…
  5. What makes your feet happier? Sweaty, leaky wellies or flip flops that let you wiggle your happy little toes around? And as if we need to ask if you prefer mud or golden sand underneath your bare feet!
  6. It’s the simple things in life sometimes. Like being able to use a toilet that flushes, and a shower that isn’t a bucket or a wetwipe. Call us old fashioned but we don’t see why our annual treat should involve living like a caveman. Hot water please or, failing that, the clear blue Mediterranean sea.
  7. Your favourite band comes on at a festival, then you realise that you can’t see them at all, you’ve lost your group in the excitement and your phone battery is flat. Give me Ibiza, a magical land with signal aplenty and electricity for the really vital things in life, like an iPhone. Think of the Instagram opportunities onboard one of the famous Together boat parties #yesplease.
  8. Ibiza is cheaper than the main UK festivals! Get your Ibiza student discount & make sure you check out Together Week from just £179 this summer for six days and five nights of parties and top-located accommodation in the White Isle.

So the choice is simple: suncream or wellies, bikinis or many, many layers. Forget the staycation, come and play in the sun! As a cherry on top of the Ibiza cake, we’ve collaborated with UNiDAYS to offer you money off across all of our holidays so make sure you claim our student discount when you book Together Week.

See you on party island this summer!


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