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Say Bon Voyage to Lost or Damaged Luggage with Trackase

Say Bon Voyage to Lost or Damaged Luggage with Trackase
5 December 2014 admin_rooster

Airlines lost 21.8 million bags in 2013 – But your luggage need not become a statistic ever again!

Trackase launches with Kickstarter campaign.

Every traveller has experienced the anxious wait at the baggage carousel, hoping that their luggage will emerge in one piece… if at all! Sadly, many have faced the horror of that carousel grinding to a halt with no sign of their luggage, or having it show up irreparably damaged. And no wonder, with baggage handlers caught tossing people’s belongings with indifference TIME after TIME after TIME!

But, no traveller need face this situation ever again thanks to TRACKASE, an indestructible suitcase equipped with a GPRS tracking system, available now on crowd-funding website Kickstarter.

The innovative suitcase will make lost or damaged luggage a thing of the past with an indestructible outer casing made from a new type of polypropylene that can withstand far more than any reckless baggage handler can put it through. Included with the case is a tracking device that allows the owner to pinpoint its location through an app compatible with Apple and android devices but that can also send a locating SMS text to less tech equipped travellers. The tracker uses GPRS technology that ‘pings’ mobile phone towers to triangulate its position – more accurate than satellite-based GPS systems that lose accuracy when the device is beneath a solid structure – like an airport!

“Every aspect of travelling has changed dramatically in the past 30 years, except luggage,” says Trackase creator Stephen Sacks. “As someone who travels constantly with items in my check-in baggage that are crucial for my work, my biggest concern is always whether my gear will arrive at the correct destination and whether it will be undamaged.

“This became the inspiration for Trackase. A suitcase can have lots of bells and whistles but this can actually make it more susceptible to damage. Ultimately what travellers need from their luggage is robustness and the ability to know where it is at all times, to relieve anxiety and provide peace of mind. If like most travellers you’re going to place expensive items in your suitcase, it makes sense to purchase luggage that will guarantee your items are safe.”

Accounting for the unique security procedures in the United States, the Trackase features a TSA-approved locking mechanism that allows authorities to legally open the case if required without damaging it or having to break off users’ padlocks.

Sacks posted the innovative product on Kickstarter, the leading crowd-funding website that allows members of the public to invest in new products, with the intent to enter mass production as soon as pre-sales reach £30,000. Those that back the project  through Kickstarter will receive the first Trackases for less than 50% than they will cost when entered into the market as part of the deal.

The Trackase will be available in three sizes and a range of fade-resistant colours. For added comfort, a rubber strip will pad the underside of the handle so that users no longer have their bags cut into their hands while carrying them when full.

Travel can be stressful for a multitude of reasons but with the Trackase’s durability, trackability and lightweight design, luggage problems can certainly be taken out of the equation for good!

Small case         £160   normally $550 (£355)*
Medium case    £200   normally $650 (£420)
Large case         £230   normally $750 (£484)
Set of 3               £325   normally $1950 (£1258)


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About Trackase
Trackase is the brainchild of businessman Stephen Sacks, founder of the successful Muubaa fashion brand. Overseeing an international brand sees Stephen travel regularly, leading to his inspiration for the product as a way to alleviate the constant stress of crucial items being lost or damaged while in transit.

Help Stephen put Trackase into production by supporting his Kickstarter campaign and be one of the first to own virtually indestructible luggage.

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