Rooster is Loving the Rain with Brief for World First Umbrellas

Rooster is Loving the Rain with Brief for World First Umbrellas
2nd December 2014 James Brooke

Rooster is Loving the Rain with Brief for World First Umbrellas

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Rooster PR takes on first pure product brief for newly launched Where I’d Rather Be, offering a visually captivating collection of umbrellas with world first 360° under canopy photo designs to help Brits escape the wet UK winter.

Rooster PR is delighted to announce its first purely product focused brief. Newly launched this November (just in time for the wet UK winter season), Where I’d Rather Be ( is a unique new offering in the umbrella space.

Producing high quality, durable umbrellas, Where I’d Rather Be offers a world first 360° under canopy design. Wraparound destination focused photography (keeping it travel related for tourism specialist, Rooster) is digitally printed onto the inner canopy of the product, giving the impression of being ‘inside’ the image and escaping from the rainy, grey day to more exotic locations and climes.

Whilst other brands offer umbrellas with flat images displayed on the under canopy or simply printed on the exterior of a single layer of fabric, none are currently offering seamless 360° photography around the inside of the canopy due to the complexity of the graphic manipulation required. Where I’d Rather Be ensures that the aspect of every image remains true-to-life in order to maximise the illusion of being transported to the stunning locations featured on the products.

Where I’d Rather Be umbrellas are currently available in eight desirable designs across both the classic and the more compact folding sizes, including a blissful beach setting, tropical jungle landscape, safari scene and snow-capped mountain vista. Additional designs, including iconic cityscapes, are currently in development.

Handmade, hand sewn and manufactured using the highest quality materials, Where I’d Rather Be umbrellas boast a water repellent coating to ensure a quick-dry canopy, they are highly wind resistant and are durable thanks to sturdy, yet flexible fibreglass and electroplated steel frames and shafts.

Co-Founders, Juliet Shirbin and Anna Brownjohn, childhood friends from Australia, who were inspired whilst walking down Sydney’s Palm Beach on a rainy day, have appointed Rooster PR to launch the product in the UK. Although primarily consumer focused, Rooster will also bring added value to the campaign by drawing upon its extensive contacts in the travel industry to explore B2B opportunities for the umbrellas as promotional items.

“We’re really excited to be working with Rooster” says Where I’d Rather Be Co-Founder, Juliet Shirbin. “They share our enthusiasm for the product, have a fresh approach to PR and have already demonstrated their passion and skill with interesting opportunities on the horizon and exciting ideas as to ways we can engage audiences and get our messages and product out there.”

James Brooke, Managing Director, Rooster PR, commented: “The whole team genuinely loves this product, which is key to making sure we are successful in drumming up media interest. We are also thrilled to be expanding our remit with our first product focused campaign and will be working closely with Juliet and Anna to ensure all opportunities are harnessed.”

The umbrellas retail at £29.99 (classic) and £27.99 (folding).

For more information or to purchase an umbrella, go to and use exclusive code ROOSTERLOVESRAIN for a special 12% launch discount (Available until 31 Dec 2014)


Notes to editors:

Please let us know should you require a sample umbrella to review or include on any product or shopping pages. We can provide both the classic and folding models in various designs.

Juliet Shirbin, Co-Founder, is available for comment or interview in relation to the product or business.

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