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“Kids put in charge of booking their family holidays and the results are hilarious.

Flight centre has put kids in charge of booking their entire family holiday at local travel agents – and they even get discounts.”

Julie Delahaye, Online Travel Writer, The Mirror

We love helping brands re-awaken their comms with ambitious campaigns. It’s a bit like when the cockerel crows in the morning (there’s something in that). We especially love campaigns based on universal human truths that deliver significant increases in sales.

We were challenged by high-street travel agency, Flight Centre, to promote their hassle-free service, open-minded brand persona, and new family travel brochure with a high-impact campaign during the incredibly-hard-to-sell-holidays pre-Christmas period.

Based on the insight that having kids completely changes parents’ travel decision making, we took the notion of child-driven decision making to its natural conclusion. How? By turning Flight Centre into the first travel agent where kids could book holidays! And the parents? Well, they could relax in the knowledge that Flight Centre agents would build amazing bespoke holidays that the whole family will love.

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The campaign was launched with a hilarious hidden-camera video of kids pranking unsuspecting Flight Centre staff by requesting a range of safari, spa and theme-park based holidays, including Lamborghini hire cars and the insistence they would never “fly economy”.

The campaign concept was fully-embraced across store fronts and point-of-sale, with our content and research-based news release reaching 85.3 million people and 239,000 in print thanks to a top-drawer sell-in with hero pieces on The Mirror Online, Lonely Planet Online, i, Yahoo! and Travel Weekly.

However, reach can be meaningless without a reaction, which is why the news that the campaign drove a 20-25% increase in family holiday bookings in December, January and beyond had us reaching for the skies.