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Raising the Profile of Wilderness Travel Company, Aqua-Firma, in Consumer & Specialist Media

In 2015, Rooster PR was appointed as the press office for wildlife and wilderness travel company Aqua-Firma. The tour operator offers opportunities for safe and responsible encounters with wildlife and marine life in wilderness locations around the planet. Its unique adventures bridge land and sea from the Equator to the Poles and, where possible, brings clients into close proximity to wildlife and marine life whose conservation and research the company helps to fund.

Rooster showcased Aqua-Firma’s exciting and unique offerings to targeted media to ensure the company reached its key audience and potential customer. In addition to ABC1 titles, we focused on diving and yachting publications who would be interested in Aqua-Firma’s water-based activities which are led by marine experts. To ensure a regular drip-feed of interesting stories for media, we issued releases about new products and expanded trip portfolios including whale shark tours, polar expeditions, small group safaris and blue whale voyages.

We also continually monitored for timely hooks to pitch certain tours to the media, such as BBC’s The Hunt being on air, and topical opportunities to pitch Aqua-Firma’s spokespeople for comment; for example Aqua-Firma’s founder, Ralph Pannell, was featured on the Mail Online, among other publications, commenting on whale shark cruelty, raising awareness of the threat the species faces and underlining the company’s stance on animal welfare, conservation and responsible travel.

This strategy led to quality coverage in both wider consumer and more niche, specialist titles perfectly placed for Aqua-Firma’s audiences; with coverage including publications such as Stylist, The Telegraph, The Times, The Scottish Sun, World of Cruising, Yachting Monthly and Diver.