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Positioning Cheapflights as THE Voice of Travel in Britain

Rooster worked with metasearch website for over ten years, helping establish and grow the business into a leader in the UK online travel sector. At the heart of our activity was a consumer champion campaign, positioning Cheapflights as THE voice of travel through regular commentary on topical issues.

A key component of this strategy was having Cheapflights’ spokespeople weigh in on topics of particular media interest. For example, in July 2014 the US announced that during mandatory airport security checks, travellers would need to be able to power up electronic devices or risk confiscation. Rooster immediately commissioned a survey of US and UK travellers to gauge the public’s response, crafting a report of the key findings that showed widespread confusion and concerns, despite a sense that flights would be safer. The team tailored and individually pitched the report to a range of target media contacts, generating national coverage on Mail Online and the Daily Mirror, and over 180 regional publications.

In May 2015, Cheapflights commissioned Rooster to deliver a ground-breaking campaign conceived by the agency: a comprehensive audit of thirteen airports around the UK, unprecedented in scale and scope. The project saw the Rooster team take 38 flights in five weeks, comprehensively auditing the facilities, connections, security processes and retail offerings of every terminal from the airports selected. The results were released as an Airports Audit Report, generating coverage in trade outlets including Travel Weekly and Travel Bulletin, and inspiring multiple news angles released throughout the year including ‘The Best UK Airports to be Snowed In To’ and ‘Navigating Airport Security: How to Ensure a Smooth Departure.”

Underpinning the larger high impact campaigns, Rooster delivered an on-going programme of weekly Late Deals & Special Offers to ensure a constant flow of brand mentions in the media. These appeared on a daily basis in outlets including The Sun, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Express and London’s Metro, allowing us to constantly reach and exceeded our target KPI of 55 million site impressions per calendar month.

“I’d like to thank Rooster for an epic 10 year support of the business. During their tenure Rooster did sterling work keeping the brand top of mind, with creativity, adaptability and persistence.”
Hugo Burge, CEO, Momondo Group (Cheapflights)