Raw Bean Pyramid Bean Bag by RoosterPR - img 3

Launching Market-First Pyramid Coffee ‘Bean Bags’

We were totally wired to be launching the coolest, newest, no-fuss filter coffee choice on the block; Raw Bean’s first-to-market pyramid ‘Bean Bags’ (yes; the coffee version of pyramid tea bags!).

As a small start-up, budget was tight, so our one month project was designed to get the best results within the limited time and resource available. The campaign consisted of tireless media sell-in, targeted sample drops, social channel takeover and strategic social media ad campaigns.

Messaging focused on less mess, less fuss, less waste (the bags are biodegradable), more coffee per £, and on delivering a weekend coffee experience, every day. Key audiences included time poor consumers, parents, holidaymakers, campers & caravanners, foodies, and those looking for more ethical lifestyle choices, among others.

Bean Bags were featured in no less than 28 print, online and blog titles, with a reach of over 4,966,879. Stand out coverage included the Guardian, The Sun, BBC Good Food, Waitrose Food, Chat, Woman, Fabulous and Mother & Baby magazine.

Across three Facebook paid-for ad campaigns we achieved a reach of 95,529 and 104,675 impressions, as well as 526 new page likes and 431 website link clicks. Three Twitter paid-for ad campaigns achieved 94,505 impressions, 182 new profile followers and 693 website link clicks.

Social activity was further boosted when social influencers took to their channels to rave about their review samples.

Crucially, Rooster’s PR and social media activity led to a 209% increase in visitors to the Raw Bean site during launch month, with direct sales up 29% versus the previous month.